I hope you're all well, what lovely weather Stornoway is getting lately! Although it is a wee bit nippy when the wind blows. 

So, as you all are aware, I was planning on going to Korea to teach for a year, but things might be changing. Of course, I knew Korea wasn't set in stone. It will still be a back up. David and I applied to about 5 jobs in Korea, but none of them got back to us, well one did, but I had such a weird interview and didn't even know which company they were calling from! It's probably still too early to apply. I'm applying for Late July positions, and even now there's only a small amount advertised. The companies are most likely making the ASAP positions a priority. 

David might also be wanting to stay in Stornoway. The head teacher is leaving his current school, and another teacher. When David's probation year is up, he too will be leaving. We are waiting for them to advertise, hopefully they will, and he will apply and get it. He's a pretty good teacher, and with the changes to the school, I have a high confidence he will be up there with the council. He does loads for the school, and also the kids know him well now. 

We figured, if Korea applications weren't happening, then we need to look at jobs here in the UK. Of course, science jobs are a priority for me, however so are his teaching jobs. 

So, there are definitely changes happening. I have no idea what we are doing in July! We should be deciding quickly, I mean, if he is staying in Stornoway we'll need to get a new place (current cottage is NOT fit for living yuk). If we are leaving, we need to find a new city, or move back to Glasgow/Edinburgh and find jobs there for a short time before we know what we are doing for good...

I'm panicking a little bit, I don't like not knowing what's happening....hopefully we will know soon! 

'till next time,


  1. I hate not knowing what's happening in the future, I've just finished uni and now I'm terrified I'll not find a job and have to move back in with my parents in London!

    Best of luck!!

    1. I felt exactly the same during my undergrad, and went straight into a masters (paying £4K), I wish I waited and thought it through first.
      I don't fancy moving back home either, my mum won't have me back ha, too much council tax to pay for her etc.


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