Clearly Scrumptious, Simple Apples Review

Another pack of apple "crisps" came in this month's Flavourly box. Last month consisted of Perry Court Farm apple crisps. So I was delighted to see this product in my box. These aren't like normal crisps, but they're in the shape of wedges. Wonderful, again I was sceptical about the "crisp" feeling. 

As you can see with the photo, they look kind of spongy, but they weren't. They were actually crisp and crunchy. Very satisfying. They also had a slightly sweet taste so it wasn't sickly. 
These were so moreish. I honestly would love a huge sharing bag of these to myself. 

Doing a little bit of research, Clearly Scrumptious sell a four different products. You can buy products which are crunchy, tangy, sweet or chewy. 
The Simple Apple's product is less than 100 calories, around 71 calories to be exact. You can buy 12 packs on their website for £12. Therefore they are £1 a bag, which is really expensive for the size you get. Other websites have shown that each pack is around 0.99p. 

Sadly, although these tasted great, I wouldn't spend £1 for a 20g bag. Especially when you can get the Perry Court Farm crisps for around 60-70p! And they also hit the spot. You can even buy a pack of apples for about £1, so I have no idea why they are selling these at such a high price! 60p-70p seem the right price for these. 

I give 3/5 hearts for this product. 

'till next time, 


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