Dear Friend

Dear Friend, 

I am sorry for just leaving without a trace, but I felt that it was needed.
I didn't appreciate all the negativity from you every time that we spoke.
Sadly, yesterday (10.05.2014) was the last straw.
My status was "I love Eurovision =]! Don't Judge"
Never did I ask for anyone's opinions, yet you still gave your negative opinion.
You were "disappointed" because I was watching Eurovision.
You did not have to state any of your opinions, like you said your opinion is your own, but no one asked you. Especially on a pro Eurovision status.
As ever, I knew my friends would back me up as they too were commenting on the status.
They fought against you, however I held my tongue.
You also stated that you made a good point, as to why you don't agree with Eurovision, but I never asked you why you hate it. No one did. No one asked for your opinion, so sorry love, it was not a good point at all.
You then messaged me stating that you "wanted to get a reaction from me".
Well here you go dear. This is my reaction.

We were friends since Year 9 of school, I am sorry we could not be life long friends, but I believe that sometimes we need to lose some. Especially those who put negativity into your life for no reason.

So dear friend, goodbye

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