Fruitbroo Review

A wonderful little product was in my Flavourly box this month! Fruitbroo! Now, if you're like me and you HATE fruit tea, then this product is for you! 
One reason why I hate fruit tea is because they don't taste nice. Unless you add a spoonful of sugar. I'm always disappointed with fruit teas as they smell great, but taste awful. 

They recommend that you add 1-2 teaspoons into a cup of hot water. So that's what I did. It smells nice, and tasted lovely. The apple and cinnamon complemented each other. 
It didn't taste like normal fruit teas. The product is kind of like adding honey to hot water. It's very soothing. 

There's not much colour to fruitbroo. As you can see it turns the water slightly grey. Yes I was in bed at the time :)! 
There's around 15 calories per teaspoon, of course more than a cup of fruit tea, but it tastes nicer. Although it's probably the same calories as having honey mixed in with fruit tea. 

Fruitbroo sell a variety of flavours, including an iced tea range! Wonderful! I quite fancy the Apple, Blackberry and Plum Flavour!! 

Each 100ml bottle makes 15 cups of broo and costs £2.50. 

I even added some to my pancakes and porridge! 

I love this little product therefore giving this a 5/5 hearts. 


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