mini nibs by nib nibs Review

I was sent this mini nibs exceptional cheddar cheese straws in my Flavourly box! I was really happy with this month's box. I've never heard of them before Flavourly. 
I'm a big cheese and cracker fan. Things like Ritz biscuits and Tuk biscuits are my weakness, so I was really happy when I saw this in my box. 

The "straws" are chunky in size, they also filled the whole tub. I didn't think there were enough in one tub, but that's because I'm greedy. They only sell these in 65g tubs. I'd like to see bigger sized tubs for sharing or for the greedy like me. 

This product is made in North Yorkshire, Ripon. They can be bought in various places, depending on location. Find out where they sell them in your area by searching their stocklists here. I'm quite happy that they stock them in Stornoway! Stornoway is in the Western Isles, so there's a lot of things we can't get here, even in the Tesco's. One example is sushi wrap, nori. I have to go to mainland or order online. 
They stock these cheese nibs in a shop called Delights...which is a delight :)! 

I can't find a price for these, so I assume they will vary from shop to shop! I will buy these again, depending on price, I'd probably pay around £2.50 for a tub like this. But then again, if they were sold amongst things like Ritz  (usually  on offer for £1), I'd probably go for the Ritz option! 

They were very morish, in fact, David and I were gutted these were finished in less than 5 mins! Favour wise, they are definitely cheesy, and they have a lighter bite than products such as Tuc biscuits. 

Overall I rate these 4/5 hearts.

'till next time, 


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