My Aunty K!

So, my Aunty K always writes nice things about other people on her blog The Year to 40, and I think it's time someone wrote something nice about her!
My Aunty K was part of my life right from the start, although I can't remember a lot of my childhood. Apparently, according to my mother, I cried a lot when she held me! 
This photo kind of explains it all :) please excuse my grandma cut hair!
One of my earliest memories about my Aunty was visiting her in Manchester, when she stayed in university halls. I think we might have been playing a game called Frustration when I let out a huge fart! My Aunty and her friend (Eve?) both laughed and made fun. I flipped and pulled Eve's hair! Woopsie. I wasn't exactly a quiet child either, so the whole block probably heard me. 

One of her favourite things she likes to do is popping spots, and cleaning out ears. I wonder where I get it from..I love cleaning out my own ears and popping spots. Disgusting habit which I think was passed down from my Aunty.

My Aunty celebrated my 18th birthday with me, way back in 2008. I think she came up from London for a visit, I know she moved down there after university.

She was a big part of my childhood, right up to my teens! She would come and visit from London now and again, and I remember we'd always meet at the Metro Centre :)! She was also the one who taught me to pluck my eye brows, and curl my eye lashes. I still don't know how to curl my eye lashes!

I visited her in London with my cousin. I'm not sure where my little sister was, she usually comes along to the things I did back then. It was when I went through my religious phase. I have no idea why I decided to become religious back then, it was definitely a phase. This photo embarrasses the hell out of me because the hoody had a bible verse on the back, and also Jesus Lives on the front...cringe! My Aunty never judged, well I don't remember her judging. Thankfully I grew out of that...

She's also a typical embarrassing Aunty. She liked to take photo's of me sleeping! Why I have no idea. She even posted them on facebook!

Not one of the most embarrassing ones! There's one of me drooling, and one of me looking like I've been KO'd! 

It was lovely to be part of her wedding back when she got married to my now Uncle M! Also part of the chinese wedding. And to this day, she will never let me forget the fact that I once fancied one of her mates. CRINGE. Mega cringe. I was a creep. 

Sadly, my Aunty K and Uncle M moved away to Singapore. It's been 5 years, possibly longer since they moved over there. I remember the day when she got on the train, back down to London, to get ready for leaving us in the UK. It was a sad day. 

Since then, she has gone on to have three beautiful children! Who I need to meet again. 
My Aunty K first came back when her first child was born. I travelled to Newcastle just to meet him. What a cutie. 

After having her second child, she visited me in Edinburgh during her UK visit. I was so happy! I must have not been able to visit Newcastle for some reason or another. It was so nice to show her around, although it must have been a tad boring for the kids. I probably didn't show them around the best places...I was still only just getting to know Edinburgh (I was too scared to venture around on my own and discover new and cool things). For some reason, I don't have any photo's from the Edinburgh visit! 

And now she has number 3! I really hope I get to meet her soon, whether I visit her or they come to me! Hopefully I get to visit her in Singapore!

The main reason for this post was to show my appreciation for my Aunty. She is always writing about other people on her blog. I look up to her a lot, so thought it would be nice to write some memories about my her. I looked up to her from the start. I even copied her by completing a half marathon which I was so not prepared for. My Aunty used to work for Cancer Research, and some other charities, where she would complete marathons.

Even though she isn't blood related, she definitely deserves a place as the number one Aunty!  

'till next time,


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