Quibbles Fussy About Nibbles Review

Hello lovelies, wow so many reviews today! I thought I'd upload a few before I go back to work tomorrow. 
So in my April's Flavourly box, I got a pack of Quibbles. Honey cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and macadamias. 

I'm one for not liking nuts. I would not buy them unless they were cashews! I like my nuts flavoured too. 

As you can see, they were coated in honey. There was a thick coating which was lovely. Actually they were so moreish I would buy them again. Sadly, it says that there are macadamia nuts, but I had none in the pack!! All the round ones were hazelnuts. I understand that macadamia nuts are expensive, but I would have thought there would be at least a few! 

I don't know how much they are to buy per pack, but you can search for a store with them using this link here.

Although there were no macadamia nuts, I would still purchase these again as they tasted great. They were really crunchy due to the honey caramelised outer coating. 

Overall I rate these 4/5 hearts. 
It lost a heart due to the lack of macadamia nuts!! 

'till next time 


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