Scottish Tablet Flavoured Black Tea Review

Today, I found a wee tea store which stocks various teas! It's located on 8 Church Street, Stornoway. They have their very own website for those who can't make it over to try some speciality tea here! It's a cute wee store, which sells loose tea leaves as well as cute cups, teapots and cake stands. 

I'm not a tea fan, just the usual PG Tip type of girl, even then I don't always finish a cup! I originally went in to try find a birthday present for my little sister who adores tea (Green tea mostly as she thinks it helps with weight loss and digestion!). I spotted one bag called "Scottish Tablet".  

The kind owner of the store let us smell the tea, which smelled amazing, nice and sweet just like the tasty Scottish treat! Of course I had to buy some...for me not for my sister! 
For those who have no idea what Scottish tablet is, it's basically a block of sugar. Almost like fudge but brittle and grainy according to wiki

The Scottish tablet tea comes in a 100g bag for £3.90, which is a decent price! Some of the others were just above £4. There's a lot of tea in these bags, so it's not that all expensive! I expected to pay around this price before I walked in anyways, so it was nice to see that they were't charging extortionate prices. 

As soon as I opened the bag, a strong smell of sweet sugary tablet came out of the bag! I tipped some out onto a plate, and there were tiny pieces of tablet amongst the leaves! I didn't know this before I bought it, even though I took a wiff in store. You add one tea spoon to a cup of hot water, and infuse for 3 mins. But if you're like me and you don't own a wee tea strainer, then it's okay to just leave in the cup, or teapot. That's how the Chinese drink their green tea with bits of leaves floating around anyways. 

I put about two tablespoon of leaves into a kettle, which you boil on a stove, then added about 4 cups of water. I left it to boil and when I went back into the kitchen, the room was smelling like tablet. How wonderful! 

Sadly, I knew I wouldn't like the tea by itself. As much as I love the smell of flavoured teas, I don't think that they taste like they smell. I had to add a couple of teaspoons of sugar to bring out the flavour. Next time I might try boiling the tea leaves with some honey, probably healthier than using sugar. You could add sweetener like Candrel, but I'm not sure how it would taste. Sometimes artificial sugar makes things taste "funny". 

It would be nice (if possible), if there was enough tablet in the tea to sweeten it instead of adding more sugar! I'm not sure if it would be feasible, but imagine having all that tablet sugar dissolve! Yum! 

It's the type of tea you can have after dinner! If you're not into desserts, a cup of this Scottish tablet flavoured tea with a couple of teaspoons of sugar will hit that sweet spot, it sure did for me. I look forward to trying a few other flavoured teas the store has in stock, such as the Capt'n Jack and Rhubarb Custard! 

I will surely be back to buy a couple of bags for my sister's birthday, maybe "friends forever" tea if they stock it then ^_^! 

4/5 hearts for this flavour! 

'till next time,


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