Stag Butter Shortbread review

Here's another review. As you know, or most of you do, I currently live in Stornoway. Stornoway is home to many things like Stornoway black pudding, Hebridean chococlates and of course Stag biscuits, which I will be reviewing today. 

Stag have a range of biscuits, from crackers to these shortbread biscuits. They even have seaweed shortbread, which I intend to try when I come across them. We serve these at the place I work, so I knew they would be tasty as customers always ask for them with their coffee! I was surprised when I opened the package. They were much bigger than the ones at work (50mm in size).

I cracked these open with one of those instant cappuccinos! There is a little bit of sugar on the top, however it doesn't taste very sweet! In fact they taste buttery instead of sweet which is great since they are "butter shortbreads". The texture is nice and soft when you bite into them, very moreish, there isn't enough in the pack. 
It's 125g per pack, that's around 10 shortbreads. I shared with David, could have easily eaten the whole pack on my own! You can buy these for around £2.25+! They are rather expensive for what you get, I only got these due to them being out of date soon. 

If you ever come across these, you should give them a go, they're made right here in Stornoway! =]! 

4/5 hearts 

'till next time,


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