10 months!

Hello :)

So, David and I have been together for 10 months, tomorrow! We didn't go through much of the sleeping over at each other's places stage. I moved in with him 4 months after we started officially dating. 
It's not long at all, and beforehand I would never have moved in with someone so quick. 

I met David at Edinburgh Zoo, he took my interview! Sadly, it took a year and a half for us to go out on a date :]! He asked me to dinner one night in July, but I totally didn't realise it was a date. It went from there.  He didn't have a flat in Edinburgh (commuted from Glasgow) so it was hard to meet up all the time, especially when I was working night shifts. 

He sadly had to move to Stornoway for his 1 year probationary teaching. I knew this when I went on the dates an got too involved. I was going to remain in Edinburgh, and do long distance. I visited twice and we both decided it would be best if I moved. I wasn't going to move until my Edinburgh lease finished in February. But, I got offered a part time job, where I currently work now, so moved in December instead. Jobs are hard to come by on the island, so I had to take that chance. 

Anyways, that's how we ended up moving in together in such a short time! Don't regret it one bit :)! It's nice sharing a wee cottage with someone I love :)! 


'till next time, 


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