A wee shop :)

I don't usually do these posts, but I'm in a good mood, and want to show off what I got these few days :]! 
My mum came to visit, and she bought me these two cute bath bombs. They were from a little gift shop called Mosaic in Stornoway. The shop sells all sorts, from candles to handbags. Each bath bomb is £2.29, roughly the same price as Lush bath bombs. They're made by bomb cosmetics. 

This is the passionfruit dream. 

And this is the ladybug hug. The little lady bug in this is so cute!
They smell so good, I always love the small of bath products like these. I really don't want to use them because they look so pretty! 

My mum also bought me this awesome purse. I saw it in a shop called Influence. 

It really caught my eye because I love fairytales. I also love big purses like this. I hope it'll last a while. At £21.50 it better! I've had some shoddy purses which break easily. I'm going to try keep this clean, I usually muck my purses up! 

Lastly, these were on offer in Superdrug. I needed some new cleanser and face wipes. They seemed a bit more sophisticated than Nivea, Clearasil, etc. I hope they don't flare up my skin. There were loads to choose from, so I picked these three. The B.Quick 4 in 1 Cleansing wipes (£1.73). B.Refined ex-foliating cleanser (£2.73)and B.Even skin tone corrector (£4.97). I might do a review later in the month, once I've used it. 

So yeah, I don't always buy things due to limited funds or receive gifts, so thought I'd make a blog post about these as they made me happy :)! 

Favourite item is definitely my new purse! I should now save for the matching bag! 

'till next time, 


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