Cambie's Cafe Review

So I said when I first moved to Stornoway that I wanted to try and review all the eateries in Stornoway. It's not hard to do, because there aren't too many. I've left it a bit late to try them all though since I am leaving on Tuesday. I tend to visit the same places everytime I go out. 
Today, I was in the town centre with David, and came across Cambie's. I've noticed it before but never really wanted to go in.

As you can see from the menu above, it' like any old regular cafe, suitable for lunch. In Stornoway, a lot of eateries are expensive, i.e around £15 per person! It's nice to have little cafes like this which sell simple soup and sandwiches. It's an average price, under £5 for a baked potato. Drinks are expensive, for cans though! £1.50 for a can of coke, again cheaper than some other eateries at £1.95 for a bottle or draught. 

I liked the place settings. The inside of the cafe doesn't really look cosy. So these little heart slates add a little warmth. 

You can order take out too. They also have a variety of cakes in the fridge. 

A view of part of the cafe. Simple decor. 

I ordered the baked potato with coronation chicken for £4.70. Portion size was huge! I liked the big potato they used. Had a baked potato recently from Black Houses, and it was tiny and more expensive!
The potato was a little dry, possibly from sitting in those potato ovens for too long. Coronation chicken was fine. Good for a quick lunch out!

David had the pork and apple burger £5.45 with added cheese and bacon £1.70. The burger was nice and juicy. It comes with chips also, but David doesn't eat chips. Nice portion size too. 
Burger was great, the bun was nice and soft which is what you want with a burger! 

Overall, the girl charged us £11.05. But I'm pretty sure that adding up the items on the menu it's more. I only just realised now, I don't tend to add up as I eat. But adding up now it comes to £13.15. 

We tipped around £4, so it would make up for it, but the tip was supposed to go to the nice waiter and waitresses. 

Anyways, it was a nice place for lunch. A quiet cafe with attentive staff. Cheap too compared to other eateries. Sometimes you just want a simple baked potato rather than a fine dining food! 

A must visit if in Stornoway! 

'till next time.


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