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So, it's been a while since I have posted a review post on Flavourly. I am reviewing the company as a whole in this blog, not the individual products they send out. I have had excellent boxes in March and April, however the quality of boxes and the customer service from the Flavourly team severely declined. 
My first box in March was fantastic as can be seen in the following photo:
I was amazed by the box, purely because I haven't heard from many of these companies before. I enjoyed all the items. It would have been nice to get two different flavour of Oloves though. I particularly enjoyed the Malay Laksa Curry kit! I'm not sure it was worth £15, thinking about it now. But I got it for £10 due to a referral.

In April, the box yet again was superb:
You can see a full list of products on this link here
This box was my favourite and definitely worth the £15. Again, I didn't know the many of the items apart from the Joe and Seph's popcorn which were really good. I like getting products which I have never heard of before!

And in May, the box sadly let me down. As you can see: 
There were repeats from March! The Beyond Dark, Kent's Cooking Kit, Apple Crisps and Oloves! 
After paying £15 a month for this subscription, you don't expect to be receiving repeat products. After all the whole point to Flavourly is trying new items! 
I contacted Flavourly on Twitter, and also by email. They were so kind to credit my account with £7.50. Only when I asked! 

About 1 month ago, I saw that Living Social had a Flavourly Craft Box deal for 
£9. You get a craft beer box (4 different beers) and also snacks which included apple crisps. On top of this you also received £15 gift voucher. You had to pay £2 delivery. It sounded like a nice bargain, £11 for beer, snacks and then £15 free. Sadly, I wish I never purchased this deal. 

As soon as I received my code, I entered it into the website and it came up with an error. However it wouldn't tell me what the error was. All that came up was a pink bar. I tried multiple of times and to no avail.  I contacted flavourly about this and they responded fairly quickly. They then told me that their IT team were working on fixing it. I get an email back about a week later to say it has fixed, but of course, the pink bar was still there. 

I contacted again with no response. I continued to get no response via twitter, facebook and email. Until today the 25th June. I even have to contact Living Social to explain to them what had happened but of course I was not allowed a refund until Flavourly confirmed that I did not use the voucher code. 

The email today told me that it was my fault, that I entered my bank details incorrectly. I can definitely say I did not, I know my card details of by heart. I even looked at my card details when I entered them in. I copied everything correctly but, the payment was declined. 

I tried again today, and what do you know, it worked. I can definitely say that it was not me. Especially when I removed and re-entered all the details multiple of times. They must have fixed the problem, but used a different excuse. 

I was going to proceed with the refund. However, I decided that if it worked this last time, I will just keep it. David likes beers, and I should also get £15 voucher of the next box.

Although I have had some problems with Flavourly, it's not their boxes that are the problem. It's their team. The lack of communication, etc! They need to sort out a bigger team to respond to people who email them.

 I love the concept of this box, and it's the only one like it around. I haven't come across another subscription box like this. My sister even liked it.
After I receive the craft box, and then redeem the £15 voucher that comes with it along with my £7.50 credit. I will then decide whether to keep up with subscriptions. 

'till next time


Flavourly have increased their price from £15 to £20! I only found out by clicking FAQ's! 
No email or correspondence to let people know it's gone up either, so people are having £20 sucked out their account. 


  1. This company are now trying to take the crowd for a ride. See Crowdcube. People with poor experience should let others know on the site

    1. What is it they're doing now? Missed it on dragons den. They're letting people buy a part of flavoury for a tenner? I still like the concept of flavourly tho if. If they fix the problems I.e repeat products and replying to customer complaints quicker, then I'd happily subscribe again.


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