Forever Living Aloe Bits N' Peaches Review

There's been a bit of hype the past few years about the benefits of aloe vera. A company called Forever Living started to bloom in the UK. It as originally from the US I think. The whole process is like Avon, you get a representative who hosts meetings for people to test out products. I've heard of Forever Living before, and remember trying some of the aloe juice they sell. 
A friend of mine was doing a Forever Living meeting, so I thought I'd order one of the products. It was a hefty purchase, I may have bought it because I felt guilty. But nevertheless, I will give this whole aloe vera thing a go until it runs out. 
I bought the Forever Living Bits N' Peaches. You take a 60ml shot a day. I'm not sure what the benefits of Aloe vera is, but we shall see the results at the end of the bottle! I don't want to read up on the benefits, because it might cause a placebo effect. I think if it really helps, you will be able to notice without reading what the benefits are. 
This 1 Litre bottle is almost £23! I was shocked when I received the bill. I thought they were selling for 18-20! My the price has increased in the past two years! 

The juice itself is an orange colour, and you can clearly see aloe vera pieces. 
The taste, was awful. I'm not sure how I will manage the whole bottle (I must because it was £23!!). I took a tiny sip, and it was tolerable. But any bigger sips made my throat hurt. It's quite harsh on the throat. 
You can taste a tiny bit of peach, but it's pretty bitter. I think each morning, I will down a shot and then brush my teeth!
This product is supposed to be suitable for kids, and quite "mild". I dread to think what the other flavours are like. 
The texture was pleasant. I love aloe water, so the texture was quite nice. I love chewing on bits of aloe from aloe water! So having big chunks of it was pleasant. Saying that, aloe water (for a fraction of the price) is probably equally beneficial because of the amount of aloe in it! 

Even if there are benefits, I don't see myself repurchasing. Not for £23! Even if there are noticeable health benefits. I believe it's another "con" from the healthy living industry. 

Overall, from this initial try alone, I rate this product 1/5 hearts. We will see if these hearts change in 16 days!


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