iliumi Kerala Curry Sauce Review

In my April Flavourly box, I received a sachet of sauce made by ilumi. I did a wee search of what "Kerala" curry is. It's originated from a place called Kerala. You can add whatever meat you like into the sauce, but the most common is prawns and chicken. 
The package is pretty simple, it lists all the ingredients quite boldly on the front. It even has pictures. All I had to do is add my own chicken. I would have liked a bit more instructions, like what to add. It does have a serving suggestion picture, but it only shows a pan with the sauce and a spoon. 

I served mine on a bed of white rice. I added chicken and onions to the curry sauce. 
Taste wise, it didn't really taste like a "curry". I don't know what Kerala is supposed to taste like, kind of a milder version of a korma (if you can get any milder!). The only flavour I got out of the sauce was coconut, I couldn't really taste any spices. 

It wasn't bad, but I like my curries with a little bit more of a kick, even if it's just a wee kick. It was a nice filling meal and it served two big portions. I would buy this again if I saw it in shops, especially if it only retails at £1.50 for a 200g pouch! 

I'm not a fan of jar'd curry sauces, but this one was a nice pleasant curry which I would totally buy again. Maybe add more chicken next time :)! 
ilumi has so many other flavours, I would love to try some of these, maybe soon, when I save a bit more money and earn a bit more :)! Take a look here.

Overall, I rate this 4/5 hearts :)

'till next time,


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