May's Flavourly Box

It's that time of the month again, my Favourly delivery! I was a little bit reluctant ordering this box due to other people's comments and photos. There seems to be a bit of repetition going on. I thought my box would have been cancelled, because I have new card details. They sent me an email saying they can't process my order, then the next thing, I get an email stating it's on it's way. Not really sure how they managed to charge me using my old card details, but hey ho. 

Right, so as soon as I opened my box, I was highly disappointed. 

When ordering a subscription box, I don't expect to get repeat products. That's the whole point to these boxes, trying different, new things. Sadly, May's box was a huge disappointment. As you can see, the Perry Court Farm crisps, Beyond Dark chocolate drops, Oloves and the Kent Kitchen cooking kit were all repeats from March's box here. The thai curry is green curry this time, not red, but still a repeat in product. 
I did love all of these last time I tried them (Apart from Oloves!!!), but honestly I would have thought there would be more new products, not 4 repeats. 

I am a bit sad, because I didn't receive the Braw bars, Chocolatey superfood bites and Annie's fruit bars that other people received. In place of these three, I was given a 500g box of fava beans...(¬.¬, not sure what to do with them, free to a good home!!).

Okay so, here are the products individually. 
Rich ruby red popping corn. This product is produced in London, the name Zaramama is originated from the Incan goddess of Grain. I received a 90g bag of this, and can be bought for £1.10. They are said to have a distinctive nutty flavour. 

2. Willie's Cacao El Blanco White Chocolate
A 50g single square white chocolate. Made using natural cocao butter from Barlovento, raw cane sugar, and milk. Can be used for cooking, and eating. This 50g square retails for £1.90.

3. Choclateas  sweeteas liquorice wheels flavour

You could smell this product as soon as you opened the box. There is a strong smell of liquorice, yum! Sadly, I have a feeling the taste of these won't do the smell justice. They don't have a website just yet, so I don't know how much these will retail for on their website. I did a little search and some places sell them for £3.99. You get 15 tea bags in this little box. 

The description seems to cater for the older generation. I don't remember being given pocket money to buy sweeties at the seems like my mother's era. Might just be me though. It says that they offer the same scrummy taste as the real we shall see!

4. Hodmedod's Great British Beans, Split dried fava beans
Safe to say, I was disappointed in this. I hate pulses, beans yaak! I have no idea what to do with these beans. I contacted Flavourly about the repetition in products, so hopefully they will sort this box out. But if not, I can't send it back because this box weighs a tonne! It will cost me around £8 to send back, so not really worth sending. I like the idea of the free recipe book inside...maybe I will give these to my mum.

5. Kent's Kitchen, Green Thai Curry Meal Kit
I received the Thai red curry version of this in March. I was slightly disappointed seeing this type of product again, but can't complain as it is different to the red curry kit. I have to purchase 5 ingredients for this meal, coconut milk, chicken/prawns, tomatoes, green beans and coriander. Retail price is £2.30. 

6. Perry Court Farm apple crisps
I got these in my March box, a review can be found here

7. Oloves. Basil and Garlic
Again a repeat from March. Was disappointed again with flavour! They could have at least sent a different flavour! No review yet for this product, didn't like them, will try again this time and review. 

8. Stoats Apricot and Sultana
I'm not new to Stoats, this little bar seems like a nice treat. Retails at around 80p-£1...depending on store. 

9. Beyond Dark Raspberry chocolate drops
Another repetition from March. I loved these. But still, didn't want to see it again when I'm paying £15 for different items. I'd rather buy these straight from the shop! Review here.

So as you can see, for me this isn't a great box. I kinda hope June's box will be different. With products not featured before! Or at least have a record of who got what each month so you don't repeat the items.Us loyal subscribers don't want to pay £15 for the same things each month! 

Even though this box is a bit pants, I bought a gift box for my sister's birthday, getting delivered on June 6th, or about then. I am HOPING that they will include some nice things, she might end up subscribing! 


'till next time,


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