One week left in Stornoway, Digby Chick's Review

So, this is my last week in Stornoway. It only feels like yesterday when I moved up, time has absolutely flown by. It's only been 6.5 months though. I'm moving to Aberdeen at the end of July, early August. David got offered a permanent job teaching at one of the schools in Aberdeenshire. Of course, I am moving there too, we both came up with the decision and agreed to move there together. There's much more opportunities for me in Aberdeen than here in Stornoway, so that's a bonus. 

The cost of relocating is proving to be very expensive. We were thinking of going on a small holiday, but don't think we can now. First of all, we need to move out of the cottage we are in which requires a small removal van costing around £150 to get to Glasgow. £186 for flights to Glasgow. £300 to get the Aberdeen and stay for a few days, then return back to Glasgow. A month's rent plus deposit for a flat +£1200. Getting back up to Aberdeen to settle in £50. By golly gosh. It's going to be a bit stressful for the first few months settling in, and looking for any old job to pay the rent. Yikes! Hopefully there won't be any more relocations! 

Nevertheless, I'm excited to move back to a city! It will be really strange at first, getting used to all the noise.  I'll have to get used to the car horns and bus noises! I actually cannot wait to shop in Lidl. Silly I know, but I loved that store.
Our last week started with a bit of a bang. On Saturday 21st, we spent the day with the Tong School ladies saying bye to three members of staff who are leaving too. We spent most of the day in a place called Luskentyre. There's not much there apart from a huge beach. You wouldn't think we were in the UK because the water was crystal clear. It would have been a lovely clear vis dive!
Looking out towards Taransay 
Gorgeous white sand and blue seas
I fell asleep almost the whole way to Luskentyre, and the whole way back! I don't know how, apparently Mrs G shouted through her microphone and I slept through it! So I missed all the scenery on the way there and back! D'oh, I can't handle car/bus journey's!

At night time, we all went to Digby Chick's to celebrate a retirement and two people leaving for new jobs. 
The Tong Bunch
Salad of roasted pepper, peach and pea shoots with passion fruit dressing, crumbled goats cheese and garlic ciabatta
Of course, I have to review the food at Digby Chick's. 

The starter was nice, but it isn't as extravagant as it says. I couldn't taste the passion fruit dressing, if there was even any! It was also strange having the Ciabatta in pieces throughout the salad. It was mainly rocket leaves, and salad leaves. I didn't get much pepper or peach. 

Pork belly with rosemary roasted vegetables, potato and garlic butter croquette and cream of leak
The main course was nice. The potato and garlic butter croquette tasted just of potato. I couldn't taste any garlic butter at all which was a shame. The pork belly was cooked to perfection. It was so succulent, and the pork cracking was amazing. It wasn't too soft, but it wasn't too hard where you couldn't crunch it either. The dish was very potato based, the veggies were on a bed of potato too. 

Iced lemon curd, honeycomb and meringue tort
The dessert was beautiful. It was so light, even the cream on the side was light. I could have eaten 5 of these. So delicious. 

We also got some of their homemade fudge. It was so soft and buttery. Will pick up a bag of these from the good food boutique!

Later in the evening, we went for a couple of drinks (well they all drank, I stuck with coke) at An Lantair and then at McNeils which was HEAVING!

Wee school girl
David was dressed up a wee bit too too...the photo says it all! 

It was a nice day. The next week will be full of goodbyes. I'll be working all week, and then saying goodbye to the Cabar lot, as well as goodbye to the Tong staff again. Thank you to Suzi and others who organised the whole trip, and thank you to everyone who welcomed David and I to the Isle of Lewis! 

Hopefully my next life post is about settling into Aberdeen! Yikes. 

'till next time,


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