Stag Seaweed Range Review (Sent for Review)

So, Stag are the first company to send me some products so I can review them. I really wanted to try the Stag Seaweed range. I find it unusual to have seaweed in shortbread and oatcakes and wondered how it'd taste, especially in the shortbread! 
I was sent the seaweed shortbread, seaweed water biscuits and seaweed oatcakes for review. I am only reviewing the seaweed shortbread and oatcakes in this post because I reviewed the water biscuits here.

The seaweed shortbread came in a 125g box, and can be sold for around £2.05, depending on store. You can pick these up at The Cooperative in Stornoway. I don't think you can in any other Coop! 
The shortbread were big round biscuits, with lots of little flecks of seaweed. I don't know what species they use. Would be interesting to know! You get 10 pieces in a box. 

Taste wise, these were surprisingly pleasant! I didn't enjoy the seaweed water biscuits that much, but the seaweed shortbread was fantastic. You get a tiny bit of sweet flavour, but you also get a salty flavour! Such a strange mix, but it goes really well. I really enjoyed these, and have bought more since. So much better than the original Stag Shortbread! 

5/5 hearts

The Seaweed Oatcakes by themselves aren't that great. But I don't know many people who just eats oatcakes on their own ;]! They have a very "cardboardy" texture, you get a subtle hint of seaweed when eaten on their own. They were fine with cheese and chutney. You get quite a few little oatcakes in a pack, and can be purchased for around £2.05, depending on store again. I think the Coop sells them for around £1.75-£1.95. 

I don't think I would buy the seaweed water biscuits or oatcakes again. But the shortbread is fantastic. I am leaving the island in two weeks to Aberdeenshire, I will be gutted if I can't get this elsewhere!!

Thank you to Stag bakeries, in Stornoway for sending me these samples! Check them out on twitter here

'till next time


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