Stag Seaweed Water Biscuits

I managed to get my hands on these seaweed water biscuits, as they were going out of date. 
I love seaweed, things like nori and Japanese cooked seaweed. I love how Stag are using local seaweed for their products. As we all know, we have a lot of seaweed. It's a big waste when it's not being used! Especially when a lot of species are good for eating. It would be nice to know the species of seaweed they are using! I know that some common UK seaweeds like Fucus spiralis, Fucus vesiculosus are edible. Mostly green seaweeds and red seaweeds though. It would be interesting to know which they are harvesting for the biscuits. I studied a bit of seaweed harvesting at uni for my thesis, so it's interesting for me :]. 

I tried these on their own without cheese. They were good to start with, but then I started getting a funny flavour as I ate more. I assume it's the seaweed. It wasn't a disgusting flavour, but it wasn't the best either. I had the taste in my mouth for hours. I also tried these with a bit of cheese, even chutney, and it helped with the seaweed taste. 

Even though I had a weird taste in my mouth from these, they weren't disgusting. They were tolerable. This box is 125g, and you get a fair few biscuits in the pack. They retail for around £2.25 depending on the store. 

I am definitely wanting to try the seaweed shortbread now! It's be nice to see if the seaweed works well. Also to see if it's a sweet or savoury taste!  

Overall a 3/5 hearts
'till next time,


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