A little update

So, a lot has happened lately. I have now officially left Stornoway. I flew back to Glasgow, to Davd's parent's on Tuesday 1st July. the weather was amazing, it actually felt as if I was going on holiday. As soon as I stepped off the plane, the weather was scorching. And of course, as soon as I saw the mounds of people, I wanted to get back on the plane to Stornoway. 
I thought that I would love the fact it was so busy, but due to being in a small town for months, I wasn't used to the amount of people. It was a little daunting. I have gotten used it now, and love it. 

On the 2nd July, we ventured up to Aberdeen by train. Stayed until the Friday 4th. We only went up to view flats. As soon as we got there, David had to jet off to visit his new place of work. I was left on my own in Aberdeen, not knowing where to go and relying on google maps, which didn't work! 
I had to go to some flat viewings too, and ventured from one end of Aberdeen to the other. At one point after my last viewing, I got lost going to the hotel to check in. I asked about 16 different people, and finally made it to Union street. God knows where I was! 

During the stay, we found that Aberdeen flat hunting was tough! The market is so competitive. It's a lot different to flat hunting in Edinburgh. All I ever had to do was put down a deposit to secure a flat. Whereas in Aberdeen, you have around 16 people and more going for one flat. The process they have is by application. You fill in a questionnaire and then the landlord decides who rents the place. There is also a bidding type system. If a flat is advertised at 500, you can put in an offer...sometimes people say they are willing to pay 600 for the 500 flat in order to try secure the flat! Landlords prefer people who pay more...

At the end of the trip, we left feeling disheartened. We didn't think we would get one due to the competitiveness. You have to view and put in as many applications as you can. We only had 3 days! 
No one called us or emailed for the flats we did apply for either. But luckily, on the Saturday, we got an email saying that one landlord wanted us to rent out his flat! It was the one we both wanted too, and only 15 min walk to the bus station for David. Now we just need to wait for them to contact again, or contact them about the procedure! 

In other news, I am going on HOLIDAY!!! To three countries. I'm attempting to backpack...travel light, etc. David did all the bookings, and research (I got very upset and panicky...don't ask why). So, he did all the planning. 

On Saturday 12th, we are leaving Glasgow at 22:45 to London (£12), overnight by bus. Hopefully I will sleep, not a fan of sleeping in a chair! We then arrive in London on Sunday 13th at 06:45. During which we will grab breakfast, and sight see until around where we will check into our hostel. We have a private room at YHA London Thameside (£30). 
On Monday 14th, we will sight-see and travel overnight to Amsterdam (£50). We arrive in Amsterdam on Tuesday 15th where we will sight-see. Then check in at Qbic hotel for 2 nights (£60). Sightseeing again on Wednesday 16th. Then on Thursday 17th we get a bus to Brussels (£24). Sightseeing in Brussels for the day, check in at Van Belle Hotel (£35). On Friday 18th, we will sight-see again in Brussels. On Saturday 19th, we will get a bus to Paris (£24), check in at Ibis Budget (£75) then sight see for two days. On Monday 21st, we will then get a bus from Paris to London (£65) then a bus to Newcastle (£5). 

In total, the trip is around £380 for the two of us! Not too bad. Actually pretty awesome, visiting three different countries, as well as staying in London! 

So, my next update will be about my holiday :)

'till next time,


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