The Park Guest House, Cafe @ No 30 Review

I had the pleasure of visiting this lovely cafe before I left Stornoway. I didn't really know it was there until a friend told me it does nice meals. David and I vowed to visit before we leave and on our last day that's what we did. 
The cafe only does light lunches which are in the form of fine dining. It's not what you call cheap, nor expensive either.

I liked the choice of menu. It does a range of meals from Stornoway Black pudding to burgers. 
We arrived at 1pm without booking, there was no one in the restaurant, not even a waitress. There was a bell to ding if there wasn't anyone there.
The waitress was lovely and attentive, very friendly service. Very quick service too. The whole experience lasted 45 minutes which is nice for a light quick lunch! 

David has the Black Pudding with potato scone £5.95. I didn't expect it to come out like this. We knew it would be a starter size. He was worried that the potato scone was real potatoes. Luckily it wasn't. I think the potato scone is the crumbly bit on top and around the black pudding. It looks like oil on the slate, but it's actually some sugary syrup. Complemented the dish very well. 

I had the seared Lewis salmon fillet on a bed of pea and ham risotto with red pesto drizzle £8.50. The salmon was lovely, they took the skin off which was brilliant. No one likes the skin on their salmon. Risotto was so tasty, not bland at all. I usually hate risotto, but it was delicious. 

It was a lovely little find, it's perfect for a spot of lunch! 
I can't comment on dinner, but prices are the same as others around Stornoway. 

'till next time,


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