Travelling! Glasgow to London Day 1

As most of you are aware, I have been on my holidays. I travelled to three different countries by Mega bus. One of the most unusual ways to travel Europe in my opinion. The first leg of the holiday involved travelling overnight to London via Mega bus. They tell you to arrive at least half an hour or so before you journey time. We arrived an hour before, and there was already a massive queue. In order to get decent seats, i.e near the front for me, you have to be there pretty early. 
The bus was a double decker, where you were allowed to sit downstairs or upstairs, I chose upstairs, the second row from the front. There isn't much leg room at all. I wasn't sure how we would sleep for the whole 6 hour journey! Luckily, I got about three hours sleep before the driver switched on all the lights and announced that we were in Preston. Then again another time when we hit Birmingham. I got some sleep near the end of the journey as I was just too tired to stay awake. Luckily I didn't need the bathroom at all, I didn't fancy peeing in a bus toilet!

Day 1
We arrived in London Victoria at 6.30am! Both of us tired as hell. We left our luggage in the left luggage office, the guy was a bit of a douche! Pretty grumpy, typical London ehy!
Firstly we had to get a coffee. Starbucks was open at that time in the morning!! Thank heavens. We had until 3pm to check into our hostel, so had the whole day to kill pretty much. It was a rainy day, so being tired didn't help the mood. 
We did a wee bit of sightseeing, starting with Buckingham Palace as it was so close. It was dead at that time in the morning, quite a pleasant morning actually, until we noticed the marathon runners. There was a London half marathon on that day! 

We took a stroll through St James Park, it was lovely and quiet! The views were amazing from a small bridge.

After the park, we walked towards the tower of London then towards Trafalgar Sqaure. There were so many marathon runners, it was impossible to grab a tube there so we walked along the River Thames. 

We just kept on walking, until we could fine a bridge to get up. You literally couldn't get to the other side of the road due to runners. Runners started annoying me as they started using the path to run! Pretty sure if us pedestrians started walking along their running lanes, they'd complain. There were about 5 people running on the paths every few metres...they wouldn't move out of our way either! Pretty ignorant. 

We walked all the way to the Millennium Bridge. Passing the Shakesphere's Globe
It was lovely, we didn't go inside though...trying to save the pennies. 

From there we walked all the way alone to London Bridge

The bridge where William Wallace's head was placed! FREEEEEDOM!

We ended up at the Tower Bridge and Tower of London. 

It took ages to walk to this point. With the lack of sleep and the heat...I was exhausted! It was a lovely view though. 

The place was heaving, you can't tell from the photo, but there were queues for miles!!

From the Tower of London we got the tube to the Picadily Circus/Oxford Street area and just wandered until we realised that China Town was close by! Yes! We popped into Hamley's first :)! 
There were a few Korean places, but one place caught our eye! Corean Chilli! A Korean BBQ place! Yum! A review would be up shortly :).

This is me, stuffing my face with Samgyupsal! 

After we took a walk through Covent Gardens, then decided to make our way to the Hostel to check in. We literally napped for 4 hours! We were that tired! 
The evening consisted of the World Cup Final and Pizza in a pizza restaurant. We were the only ones there too! 

Well, that was day 1 of the holidays! 

'till next time,



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