Amsterdam Day 1!

So I am updating from my new pad in Aberdeen. bought a 24 hour pass to the wifi in our area for £6. It's okay, I've been hunting for jobs and applying, so now time to relax and update more about the holiday I've been on :)! 
So, the London bus to Amsterdam was overnight, around 12 hours travel. We arrived at Victoria Station, and headed straight for the check in, which wasn't until 9.30. We waited in the queue early anyways because we knew it would be packed otherwise! Checked in and managed to get to around 6th in the queue which was good. Sadly we sat in the wrong seats. We had one London girl gift her "bf" grief the WHOLE way! She was so loud, even through my ear plugs! 
There's not much time to sleep either on buses, well it's all broken sleep. I fell asleep as soon as we left Victoria Station, then had to wake again in 2 hours as we reached Dover port. The driver announced it over the system around 30 mins before we had to go through customs. ¬.¬! Anyways, made it through customs and we all had to disembark. Ugh. It was so packed! Full of screaming kids, people there was no chance of sleeping on the 90 minute ferry. David and I parked ourselves on seats: 
Then we moved because it was just too noisy. We had nowhere else to go though, so sat on the lino floors, stupidly next to toilets! The doors kept banging too. 
After 90 mins we made it on the bus finally, and I fell asleep straight away. the bus traveled from Calais to Lille, Ghent, Antwerp, Rotterdam and finally Amsterdam. Yes the driver announced it over the intercom each time we reached a place ¬.¬ no one got off either. 

Check in wasn't until 3pm again, so we had our luggage to carry. We didn't leave them in the left luggage because we couldn't find it. We had to get a tram from the coach park to centraal. It was a nice experience, the tram tickets are cool, you can buy hourly tickets, or 24, 48, 72 hour tickets. They were all chipped too, so you swipe as you get on and swipe as you get off! 

We started wandering and sightseeing, but our bags got too heavy and we were so tired! We decided to stop for a beer and a coffee in the nearest bar! Wish we didn't! It was 7 Euro for a beer and 5 euro for a coffee. the beer was only 30cl too! Nuts. We spent quite a long time in the centre actually, I can't remember what we did, we walked and walked. We headed to the hotel early, for around 2pm. If our room wasn't ready we were going to just sit and wait. Luckily it was and the place was pretty swish!!

The lobby! They even had a telly displaying a fish tank
Our room! 
A walk in shower, so cool...there's no door sooo no privacy from your travel buddy!

We honestly napped for 4 hours! Didn't get up until 6pm. By then we showered and ventured into the centre again. Looking for some food! There were quite a few places, a lot of them were pretty we chose somewhere which did pasta dishes for 5 euro...we wanted to save money for Paris :) as it was going to pretty expensive there aswell. 

Each dish was 5 Euro and it was okay! I can't remember which it was but it was in Leidseplein! full of restaurants to choose from! 

after dinner we did a bit walking around and got a tad bit lost...but made out way back to Centraal station. From there we headed towards the Red Light District! It was pretty awesome, the place was heaving. There were girls in windows everywhere...some looked like men dressed in drag...! 

It's so pretty all lit up!

We walked past a sex show place, and the bouncer looked at me and said "come on in, we have big willies" Waaaah I was so creeped and couldn't stop giggling. 

Anyways, it was a pretty eventful first day! Very nice though! Weather was fantastic, too hot ;]! 
The tram service is great, we bought 48 hour tickets! Very easy to use! Maps are sold for 2.50....bit extortionate but the whole of Amsterdam is! 

'till next time, 


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