Amsterdam Day 2

Decided to buy the 5 day internet with BT before my own internet arrives. Started going crazy with boredom. So, I'm still updating about my travels! I enjoy reflecting on my time away :)! So, our second day in Amsterdam was super busy! We had the whole day and night to mooch around. Our coach to Brussels wasn't until the next morning. 
The day started off with coffee! David wandered out of the hotel while I lay sleeping, and found a Starbucks right next door. 
Our hotel was actually in the Amsterdam World Trade Centre! How cool! So very near there was a food square, with a few bars, cafes and burger king. Very close to the Zuid train station too. 
An early morning selfie :)! Not so early, we didn't leave the hotel until 11ish. 
We wandered back to the centre, called Dam Square and had a very cheap lunch at Wok to Go! It's not actually that bad, there's a similar place here in Aberdeen called Dr Noodle. They sell noodles, and you choose the toppings and sauce. 
I had a fairly sweet sauce with chicken. I forget the name of this. It was a pretty big portion. Both mine and David's came up to 11 Euro, with a diet coke. 
Amsterdam is famous for lots of canals, they all look the same but are all beautiful. Their canals all link together, like a road system, but with canoes and boats. 
We spend the day sight-seeing, even visiting the mueseumplein, basically the museum quarter. We didn't go into any of the museums, too expensive and we were basically on a budget holiday :)! 
It was roasting, it must have been around 29 degrees. We saw the Iamsterdam sign, there were loads of people climbing all over it. In front were a group of dancers. They were pretty pish. 
We went through Vondelpark, where we saw numerous statues made of papermache. They looked really weird, I'm not sure what they were supposed to be for! 
There was even a guy sitting by a chess set. You can challenge him, I forget the price, but if he wins you don't get it back. 
We randomly found a nice pub too! They had so many beers on offer.
None of that 7 euro a beer malarky. They were average at around 3-4 Euro for 33Cl bottles. 
I even found a bubble tea place! People who know me, know that I LOVE bubble tea!! As represented by my cheesy grin :]!
We walked round more, before going to dinner we ended up on one of those pedal boats! 
It was so fun! It lasted around an hour. The canals even have proper road rules, i.e pedal boats have to remain on the right hand side, giving way to all other boats. Some canals have a one way system etc!
The view from the pedal boat, through one of the many tunnels!

As you can see the couple in front of us had trouble going forward. We did too! It was so difficult to keep it going straight and steering!

Enjoying was so much hard work! We had sweat dripping off us when we got off the thing!
Dinner was at one of the many steak grills. Of course I had a steak, cooked medium rare...

Anyways, the rest of the night consisted of more mooching around before heading back to the hotel for a good kip :)

'till next time,


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