Our second day in Belgium we spent in Bruge. We decided to visit there as it was an easy train ride away. We've seen all of Brussels, so why not see another place!? 
We had breakfast at the hotel because it was included, YAY! Breakfast was a continental selection. They also had cooked hot dogs, and eggs. It was a decent breakfast, we filled ourselves right up!!
We got tickets for 12 Euro. Well David had to pay 16 Euro because he was 30! :) teehee! 
the trains were huge, double decker coaches. We accidentally sat in first class, I didn't know the difference...anyways we moved but it was still a nice 1 hour journey to Bruge. 

Brugge is so much nicer than Brussels! The buildings, the atmosphere! It seems more touristy! 
Again, there's loads of buildings, churches, I don't want to bore you with photos. 
We walked the whole place in around 3 hours. 
Bruge has a lovely canal but the water is disgustingly green! 
It was so pretty, there's hardly anyone walking beyond the centre. Everyone seemed to be lurking in the centre, having beers. There were so many buildings to see that were dotted about. It was really warm though, I felt myself burning, and I don't burn!

Apparently this is the number 1 top spot to get photographed. It's on every postcard, every ad on TV and magazines....very pretty picture :)
You can have get a canal tour for 6 Euros! Not as good as Amsterdam ones of course!  

In one of the canals, David saw a Turtle! Waaaat? Are they even in rivers? The poor thing...not sure whether it escaped from it's owner, or someone put him there...or whether it's a wild turtle! Nuts. 

We went back to Brussels around 4pm. We went to the Wings Tavern again for a spot of lunch, their sandwiches were very cheap, 2.80 euro for a baguette! Yum. Sadly, we encountered a guy who had his bag stolen. He was asian in decent, travelling alone. He had just got off a coach, went for a smoke, put his bag down then boom, he said it disappeared. Poor bloke had his money and passport in it. He was distraught and spent 30 mins trying to get staff to call the police, but for some reason they wouldn't. His phone wouldn't call out either. I don't know where he was from, but I hope he was okay in the end. We gave him a tenner for food and a drink cos no doubt he would have been starving! 

We went to dinner at one of the many restaurants. Every place seemed to do the same thing, so we went into the quietest. It was run by chinese people, and inside they had place settings for Chinese people I think. 
David had the cheese croquette to start, it was nice, just a block of cheese that was battered and fried. 

I had the prawn cocktail. It was a set menu for 12 Euro, so we opted for it. 

I had a steak and chips, mmm :) cooked medium rare! 

David had mussels. If you look closely at the middle mussel, there's a bryozoan :). A sea moss animal.

Dessert was a shabby looking waffle...we were too full after to get ourselves a real Belgian waffle. I kinda wish we did now!

The night ended by wandering up to the gardens which we didn't see the day before. It was shut, so we headed home in a new direction. On the way the sun was setting. It was beautiful!
Sun setting in Brussels! 

Looking over one of the gardens.

Brugge was such a nice place to see, and Brussels too! It was a nice trip, and a calm relaxing city. 

'till next time,


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