Brussels Day 1

So, after Amsterdam, we went to Brussels. We arrived at the Amsterdam, coach park and went on a 3 hour journey to Brussels. As soon as we got there the driver announced for us to get our bags as quick as possible because the area is full of bag thieves! The coach park was nuts, basically on a tiny busy street! 
We grabbed our bags and went into the closest cafe which was Wings Tavern. There we had a quick bite to eat, looked at the map and got our bearings. We managed to find our way to the centre, got a map and got given directions. 
The hotel was around 2 miles away, in a pretty dodgy area. Well I thought it was a dodgy area. The hotel was okay, a bit shabby. I was worried about the safety of our belongings, but it wasn't too bad. 

The room was tiny, but we weren't spending a lot of time in there so it didn't matter. We didn't nap this time, so headed straight out to sight-see. There's not much to see in Brussels in my opinion. Just lots of nice buildings and churches. 

The streets were pretty and littered with Belgian produce like waffles, macarons, gift shops. 

Lots of pretty buildings. 

It was very easy to see the whole of Brussels in a day. It's a small place, everything is walking distance. 

We walked to the restaurant areas and came across this funny fountain! This is common in Brussels and I'm not sure why! :]!

Anyways, dinner that night was a kebab wrap, it was nice :) but my camera malfunctioned and I have no photo!

Day 1 of Brussels was nice and relaxed, and we saw mostly everything there is to see! 

'till next time,


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