Colosseo Restaurant Review

Colosseo is located in Victoria, London. According to their website, one of the finest Italians. 
I was craving Italian before the bus to Amsterdam and decided to go into the first one we saw on the walk to the bus station. 
The restaurant is decorated nicely, and is the right atmosphere for couples! 
I knew exactly what I wanted before ordering from the menu! I had been craving bolognese for days! 
I ordered the Fettuccine Bolognese: 
It was a nice big portion. I liked how they mixed the bolognese with the fettuccine. Most places just dollop the bolognese on top. Taste wise, it was good, but not the best. The fettuccine was cooked al dente. £8.95

David had the Rucola Pancetta pizza. 
It was a pizza with rocket, pancetta, mozzerella and cheery tomatoes. The menu states no sauce, but clearly there is..
It was a decent pizza, but honestly wasn't really that great. We ordered a pizza from a pizza shop on the day of the world cup final, and it was awesome, cooked in one of those old stone ovens..etc. 
Definitely not worth the £9.50!

Service was good, very attentive. BUT TOO attentive. The restaurant was dead basically, and 4 members of staff. They all took turns walking between the tables, and looking to see if we had finished. But not discretely either. They would walk past and turn their heads to our dishes...a bit annoying as it happened 4/5 times. 

Toilets were FOWL. Yak You had to go down the stairs, and go past their kitchen. They were all men, and even none chefs. It's rather scary when you're female going down a dingy hallway past men to get to a toilet! 

Anyways, overall it was a 3/5

'till next time,


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