Corean Chilli Restaurant Review

So, whilst in London, David and I discovered a Korean restaurant. They had quite a few actually, but we picked Corean Chilli because of the name, and it looked pretty empty inside. The restaurant is located in Leicester Square at 51 Charing Cross Road. Basically at the start/end of China Town. 
We walked in and was told to sit anywhere. We chose a seat which had an empty bowl on the table. It didn't bother us, it was a corner seat, and near the window. But sadly, the waitress looked as if it was a HUGE deal having to take away the bowl...
We ordered our drinks first David had a Hite beer and I ordered a strawberry bubble tea. They're really common down in London, and I ADORE bubble tea! One of my biggest weaknesses. 
We ordered the Samsyupsal, minimum order was 2 portions. I forget the price, around £9 per portion I think. And we ordered Pajeon, a Korean seafood pancake. 
The waitress brought over the BBQ, basically a gas grill and set it up. We thought we would be able to cook it ourselves like most Korean restaurants we have been to! But she stood around it, cooking for us which made the experience awful. She could hear everything we were saying and it was awkward to talk! 

We had to order the rice separately. And also had to order salad leaves! In Korea, these usually come with the BBQ. No idea why we had to ask for it. 
This is how you would basically eat it. A bit of meat dipped in sauce, some rice, and if you have side dishes you can add a bit. Roll up, and shove it in your mouth like this:
Note very flattering...


Our meal came with side dishes. In Korea you normally get around 12-15 side dishes and they refill them when you want more. Over here, obviously everything is more expensive and you usually get 2. 

This was the seafood pancake. It was good, nice and thick with lots of seafood and spring onions. 

Now, service was shabby. The waitress didn't smile once. She didn't even say hello, just told us to sit anywhere. My drink didn't come until we were half way through the meal! 
One of the worst bubble tea I've had. It tasted so artificial, and the balls at the bottom were hard, not soft like tapioca or the popping balls. 
It took ages for them to give us the bill, and when they did, they had the bill displayed where you couldn't see what was on it...just the total. They added a 15% service charge to the bottom. When we went up to pay, they didn't ask if it was okay for them to add the service charge, and went on ahead to take payment. In my opinion they should leave tip to us customers. They wouldn't have got as much if we were left to decide due to the lack of service. It's as if she wanted to go home. 

Anyways, a 3/5 hearts for Corean Chilli. Maybe pick somewhere else in Leicester Square for Korean food! 

'till next time, 


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