Flavourly: What's in my August box?

It's been a while since I ordered from Flavourly, and to be honest, I didn't even order this box! I got an email saying my subscriptions were activated. I removed my bank details and address details a while ago, so have no idea how they still managed to charge my card! Rubbish system. 
Anyways, I contacted them and they refunded me. Turns out the box was 1/2 price (£10) due to some offer. I had £7.50 of referral credit which they took off, so was refunded £2.50. 
My address wasn't even given, and the last address which was used for my snack boxes was Stornoway. However, when my mum came to visit, she brought up the flavourly box. 
I was going to contact Flavourly again and pay the £2.50 but then again, I didn't actually order it, or provide my payment details. So I didn't bother. 

Okay, so August's box was great. It'a actually making me want to subscribe again, but I'm not sure I can afford £20 a month for just a box of goodies. It's £5 more than it used to be, but it's supposed to be "deluxe" 
The contents of the box! You get a lot more than previous boxes which is nice. For some reason they keep adding the Thai green curry kit though!

Nairn Snackers. Cheese and Balsamic vinegar flavours. 

Museli Breaks Oatcakes

Crispy seaweed. 

Zingy Margarita popcorn.

Pop rice, banana and chocolate flavour.

Kent's kitchen, Thai green curry kit.

Angelic Rosemary and sea salt biscuits

Salsa Brava! 

Blackberry, apple and plum fruit broo!

Raspberry balsamic vinegar. 

Saison meat rub.

I am highly impressed with the amount of items in the box as well as the contents. 
I calculated this to be a couple of pounds more than the price of this box. I didn't pay for this box at all due to a fault. They took £7.50 of my referral credit, so that should be okay. And would be happy to pay the £2.50 if they were to contact me about it. 

A review of individual products will come soon!

'till next time,


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