London Day 2!

So, Day 2 of my travels was in London, we had the full day there, and then a bus to Amsterdam! Again, we left our luggage in the left luggage department. We decided to do all of the touristy attractions like visiting museums.
 Our first stop was to the science museum, I love science so was excited. The first half was about aviation, they had a cool section cut straight from a commercial airplane!
How cool? You can see the seats and first class above! 
We spent ages in the science museum, at least 2 hours. David found a camera, I managed to return it to the person it belonged to by looking at the photo's. Also, they went back to the place they lost it, so I knew it was them. Sadly they were rude and didn't say thank you. 
We spent most of our time in the games section. There were some displays that interested me, i.e the alzheimer's section. They played a sound clip of a man diagnosed with it, he couldn't remember short term at all! 
The gaming section was great, but due to the summer holidays it was riddled with children. Pushing ans shoving, even butting into the game I was on by shoving me out of the way. Don't their parents teach them manners? Clearly not. They were with their school too, so it was much worse, their teachers did nothing to prevent them running around screaming. 
One of my favourite "games" was the ageing one. It was hilarious, you take a photo and the machine adds wrinkles. 
I looked so like my grandma Yuen! 
This is my Grandma here: 

David looked funny too, they shrunk his face for some reason!

His baby photo was funnier...a baby with a beard! Guess the machine doesn't count that factor in when making these photos. 

After the science museum we decided to visit the other museums in the area, i.e the Natural History Museum. We even wandered to Harrods as it was a short walk...the food hall was stunning, sadly too expensive! 

We then ventured to Camden town, my favourite place! I love the food stalls, there's just so many nowadays. There used to only be this part :  
but now food stalls are everywhere!! It's a hard decision when you're hungry too, so David and I shared a falafel wrap. It was so tasty!

Enjoying the wrap and sunshine :)

On the way to Camden, David found an iphone on the tube. Well the guy opposite pointed it to him as he thought it was David's. We couldn't get into it to get in contact with the owner so had to wait to see if they called before handing it into a random station. I don't trust staff these days, easily pocketed!
The girl rang, and it was so nice to be able to give her it back. We didn't meet, but managed to give it to the Camden station supervisor to pass it to her. Turned out she was at the station just a few minutes after we gave it in.

After Camden, we ventured out towards the British History Museum. The building is HUGE. We made it for 4.30, and they close at 5! We didn't realise, but there was only one thing we wanted to see anyways. 

Due to living on the Isle of Lewis, I had to see the original chessmen! It's a shame that they aren't in the Scottish History Museum. They might be in future, depending on the results of the 18th September vote! 

We decided to venture slowly back to Victoria. We had about 3 hours left until our bus to Amsterdam so we decided to visit the Big Ben again and find our way to Westminster Abbey. From there we walked to Victoria, stopping at an Italian restaurant (Colosseo) which I will review in due course.

'till next time,


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