Madame Mew's Cafe Review

So yesterday David and I visited a place called Madame Mew's Thai Cafe. We discovered it by accident one day. It's hidden inside the market that's on Market street in Aberdeen. You can smell the food as soon as you walk into the market, but that could be from the other eateries too. There's a HK cafe aswell as another thai cafe. We chose Madame Mews because it looked tastier! 

There were quite a few things on the menu, and fairly cheap too. Whilst we were there there were 4 monks, after their food they went to do something to the cafe sign. I think they might have been blessing the cafe.
The main monk was writing on the sign, I have no clue what, and then he sprinkled this water everywhere! 

Food took a while to arrive. But only one person is cooking. I think she was the owner of the cafe. It took around 25 minutes for our starters to arrive which were:

Pork skewers! These were around £3.80. 
They smelled fantastic. They were also very tasty, there's a sweet coating to it which made it very moreish! I could eat another 10 of these!

Spring rolls, similar to the Vietnamese type of rolls. If not the same. We ordered prawns inside, but I swear there was just a crab stick, David said he had maybe I was too greedy to notice my prawns. 
These too were around £3.80. 

\Our mains were fantastic. 
This was David's pork noodles! I forget the actual name. But it was so tasty. The broth was very sweat! It was a huge portion! It was served with beansprouts, fish balls and pork. This was around £5.80!

Mine was the tom yum noodles with pork. it was great. Again around £5.80. Huge portion again!
I was so surprised at how much we got for such a small price! 

There were also some condiments on the table, chilli flakes, chilli oil, soy sauce and some salted sugar which I assume is MSG. 

Overall our bill came to around £21. 

I would definitely revisit. It was so tasty, huge portions and cheap price! 
If you're in Aberdeen, don't be put of by the skanky market, because there's a fab cafe inside!!

5/5 for this cafe! 

 'till next time, 


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