Mondo Coatbridge Review

For those of you who know Coatbridge, there's an amazing restaurant called Mondo. It's quite a modern pub type restaurant. Basically serving food on slates or chopping boards. 
There's a big range of food on the menu. They have an express lunch menu to a la carte. 
To start, I had oysters! Yum! 
I was going to go with natural oysters on ice but opted for their Rockefellar version. It was baked with spinach, pancetta and parmesan. They were okay. I kinda wish I went natural. The crust was rather crunchy and I'm not a fan of crunchy! I found a hair under my rocket too. £ 4.95

David had chicken wings which were smothered in smoked and spicy paprika sauce. With garlic bread on the side. They were gorgeous, piping hot! It was rather messy due to the sauce. £4.95

David ordered a burger called the God Father. It was huge and was held together with a knife! 
It had 2 6oz burgers with gruyere swiss cheese, bacon, jalapenos and bbq sauce. 
The chips were fantastic. £10.95
David hates chips so I had these beauties. They were clearly hand cut, and were so delicious. 

I had the Chicken con chorizo. Consisted of chicken, chorizo, chickpeas in a napoli sauce with chilli and garlic. Honestly, this was so bland. It does need a sprucing up. It was in their express lunch menu so was £7.95. 

Overall, it was a nice lunch. I would't go for the pasta again, but there is so much more on the menu to try. 

3/5 hearts for Mondo. 

'till next time, 


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