Pad Thai Cafe Review

Aberdeen Market is fantastic. I love how they have Thai cafe's inside. As mentioned before, as soon as you walk into the market, you can smell food! 
I decided to try out the other Thai cafe called Pad Thai in Aberdeen Market (8-10 Market Street). Both cafe's are near each other with a HK diner in between. 
The cafe is small, around 8 tables. Some tables are much bigger for bigger parties. As you can see it was fairly busy, although the people you see here are actually friends of the people who work there. There was probably 3 tables of none relatives/friends.  

To start with we had the "prawn delight". I have no idea what the sauce was but it was beautiful. It was a sweet but salty sauce! I could eat it over chips! Mmm. Costing around £6

Sweet honey chilli chicken. This wasn't that great for me. I found the dish a little too sweet. There were too much vegetables and not enough chicken. Costing around £5.50. 

Our last dish was the won ton and pork dry noodles. You can opt for this to be in a noodle broth. David and I were sharing so it was easier dry. They were good, but there was only three slices of meat on there...tasted fantastic. Costs around £5.50. 

We had a can of coke each at 70p. 

The starter was more expensive than the main, which is pretty weird, but it was tasty so no complaints. 

If you're ever in Aberdeen, do pop into the market for lunch. These cafe's are well and truly hidden which is a shame. They are a fantastic little find!

4/5 hearts, not as good as Madame Mew's in my opinion! 


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