Pinto! Glasgow Review

Do you like Mexican? David and I discovered, well was advised to visit Pinto in Glasgow. 
It's basically a burrito place. You know those restaurants which serve up big huge burrito's and nacho's? Yeah, kinda like Illegal Jacks in Edinburgh BUT better! 

You basically choose the type of food you want, i.e burrito, nachos, a bowl...etc. Choose your toppings and voila, they make it for you. 

David had the burrito. He said it was good, he had chicken, rice, black beans etc. The portion was huge, as you can see on the photo. Very tasty chicken too! 

I had the burrito in a bowl. I'm not a fan of burrito's anymore. For some reason I find them too bland, even though what I'm having is the same in the bowl, without the wrap...
I had the slow cooked pork burrito in a bowl. It doesn't look like much....but

Mix it all up and the cheese melts, the sour cream mixes, and you get a beautiful mess. The pork had such a nice favour, it was cooked and marinated well!! 

Happy happy :)
It was very enjoyable after a flight from Stornoway to Glasgow :)! 

Do take a visit there! It's pretty good for lunch!

Definitely 5/5 for Pinto. I love it, and miss it already!

'till next time


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