Planning my next holiday!

I'm already thinking of my next holiday! I get very stressed on holiday, most people who know me know that I am a worry-warts. I worry about everything and anything. 
My next back packing style holiday will be next year! I'm already thinking about the Asian countries. Of course, it all depends on if I can get the time of work! Usually, it's good to spend at least 2 weeks to a month in Asia, especially when back packing. I only aim for 1.5 weeks to 2 weeks though, unless I save enough, and get enough time off work when the time comes. 

My main areas of interest is Korea, Japan and China...maybe Hong Kong since that's where my routes come from! But, it all depends on costs. I can either visit just one country, or visit them all. 
In the long run, it's much cheaper if I visit them all. Flying from Korea lets say to Japan will cost around £100-200RT. Same with to China, and Hong Kong. However flying to one country alone from the UK is around £600-700RT. So would cost me around £2.1K to see them all. 

Korea is a strong interest of mine because I originally wanted to go to Korea and teach for a year. But sadly it didn't go to well with the job applications. Korean schools (Hagwons) don't like hiring Asian looking people, even if English is their mother tongue. It's all to do with the image they want. Parents would prefer to send their kids to a class with a Caucasian teacher. Bit old school I know. 
I also love the Korean cuisine. I've only sampled the ones in the UK, so I cannot really compare to Korean cuisine over there! But David has, and he says most foods aren't the same. They also charge quadruple in the UK. 

Japan is another interest because I will be working in a Japanese restaurant! I used to have penpals over in Japan too, so know a bit about their culture. I love the kawaii things you get over there as well as the cuisine. I'd love to visit all the historic places, such as Hiroshima. Tokyo will also be on the cards! I'm going to start learning some basic Japanese on my own, so it will be nice to try it out on the locals! 

China, well...I'm Chinese, so I should visit there at least once in my life time. My Dad's side of the family are mostly from China, some province. I forget where! My mum's side are mainly from Hong Kong! I think!! I actually don't know. Either way, Hong Kong is a bit influence in my family, everyone goes to Hong Kong on holiday! I've never been! I love Chinese cuisine a lot, all the traditional stuff to the more common dim sum. 

I know that I'll be stressing a lot whilst over there, so a bit of researching now will ease that! 

'till next time,


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