Thaikhun Aberdeen Restaurant Review

So, moved to Aberdeen finally. We decided to try out a thai restaurant in Union Square called Thaikhun. They also have a restaurant in Manchester. They serve street food from Bangkok! It was so appealing because street food is awesome! 
The restaurant has amazing decor, it actually makes you think you're on the streets of Bangkok! 
The menu sounded really good, there was lots to choose from, so to start we ordered the Bangkok street platter. The minimum order is 2 portions, at £5.95 each. 
How awesome does this look! Top left was the pork skewers. Top right was the grilled chicken skewers. I think the chicken skewers came with the satay sauce on the left of it. Bottom left was the minced chicken and prawn wontons and bottom right were fish ball skewers. It's a bit hefty in price, around £12 for this platter...
This was my main course. Khao Ka Moo. Apparently it's "Street hawkers pride". It was five spiced stewed pork on rice with kale, boiled egg. The kale was pickled, mmm! Reminds me of the chinese (hakka) "ham choi" which means salted/pickled cabbage. 
This was tasted, at only £7.77. There was a nice big portion of it. The sauce was garlic, soy and vinegar sauce. I loved this, it was really good! 
David had the Moo Prik Ging. Twice cooked crispy pork belly, stir fried with red curry sauce. It was really nice! We ordered some sticky rice to go with it because it didn't come with any rice. The dish was slightly over salted, other than that it was great. This was £8.95 plus £2.95 for the sticky rice.

Overall it was a lovely restaurant considering it's a chain. I would go back in a heart beat. The food we had was amazing. Price wise, it was average, cheaper than most chains in my opinion! Can't wait to go back!!!

5/5 hearts for this restaurant :)

'till next time,


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