The move to Aberdeen

Konichiwa, Hello :)!
So, it's time for an update about my big move to Aberdeen. I've now been in Aberdeen for a week. I moved up with David on the 1st August. We got the early train up with our huge rucksacks, and straight to the letting agents to sign the lease and to get our keys! It was exciting, our flat is around 15 minutes away from the city centre. It's in a place called Torry. Torry isn't a nice area, but our flat is just outside on the main road so it's not bad. It's pretty quiet, apart from the seagulls. 
One thing I need to get used to is the smell Aberdeen produces. It has a big port so there's a big fishing industry. The whole place smells like stale fish, similar to bin juice! Yuck. I guess every city has their own smell though. Edinburgh had that lingering brewery smell.

I applied to a few jobs before moving up, and had 2 interviews on the 4th at a place called Cafe Cognito and a Japanese restaurant called Yatai Izakaya and was offered a trial shift for both. 
I had a trial shift for the cafe first, but sadly I didn't enjoy the shift. They have only opened for 4 weeks, so things were a slight mess. I got offered the job at the end, and she even put me on the rota for next week. 

I completed a trial shift for the Japanese place the day after and loved it. It was busy, and I enjoyed the staff that worked there. It's a nice cosy restaurant, they serve around 36 different sakes (I have to learn them!!) and loads on the menu that are in Japanese. I got offered a full time position with them, which I have accepted! I'm looking forward to learning some basic Japanese, learning the culture aswell as the food that is served. I can see myself fitting right in :)! 

So, I'm getting used to Aberdeen now, feeling like everything is falling into place. I'm glad I found a job pretty quickly, but in Aberdeen it isn't too hard! Everywhere is looking, there are so many jobs about! We are lucky to have a nice flat, at a reasonable price of £495. Other flats we have seen range from 600-700 for a 1 bedroom. Stupid oil and gas forcing the prices up. 

Anyways, enough of my life right now :)! 

'till next time,


  1. My auntie used to live in torry, directly across from a fish house so I remember the smell well, was brutal! Torry is pretty easy to get to and from I remember and theres a nice bakery there too just canna remember the name! I love aberdeen, its great! X

    1. It's near the docks too, so stinks! It's not a bad place Aberdeen! Just need to settle in I think. Waiting to hear when I start my new job! Eeek! I'm on a diet, so bakeries are a no no atm! Come visit me if you get the chance! xx


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