The Northumberland Cheese Company! Cheese Loft Cafe Review

My mum took me to a lovely little cafe in Northumberland when I was back home. It's a little cafe situated in the middle of a tiny cheese factory Called the Cheese Loft Cafe. They make all their own cheeses sell them and also serve them! How wonderful. You normally hear about these places by word of mouth, which is exactly how my mother heard about it. 
They even have their own street named after them! 
"The Cheese Farm Lane, Blagdon". 
From the outside, you can see viewing panels of the factory. It's not very big, so there's not really much to see. 
Big churner!

When we left we saw the workers collecting the mix! So cool!

One of the big machines. 

In order to get to the cafe, you have to walk up stairs! I'm not sure if they have an elevator. You reach such a cosy little cafe!
If you order a filter coffee, you get free refills! Just letting you know :]

David had the round of sandwiches. Cheese savoury! It was nice that they served it with nachos. He hates potatoes hence why he didn't order a baked potato like the rest of us :]! £4.45 very decently priced!

I had the cheese savoury baked potato with a side of chutney. It was good! 
£5.50. Again decently priced! 

You can find their menu here.

They serve a wide range of cakes and treats! I wish we were hungry enough to buy and taste some. Maybe next time! The waitresses were lovely, and even helped my mum with places to see around Northumberland. One of the ladies behind the cheese counter was so helpful to my mum when she was trying yo buy cheese :)! 

You can only get here by car though, so hopefully if you want to visit you can drive or have someone take you :]! The car park is fairly small, and it does get busy at times! 

5/5 for this cute cafe!

'till next time,


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