Visiting my Geh-Por

So yesterday I told you about my Por Por. Today I tell you about my Geh Por! My mum's mum :)! So my grandma! I haven't seen my geh por in a while too but not as long. I should really see her a lot more! I love my mum, and I love my geh por. And they mean the world to me! 
This is my mum on the left. And my geh por on the right. How cute do they look :)!? 
My Grandma kept saying throughout the meal "man man sick" which means "eat slowly". My Mum is turning 50 next year!! You wouldn't believe it huh!? I love you maaah :)!

Okay so, I wanted to go to yum cha for my birthday, so my mum took me to eat dim sum. My favourite type of food. I love it and it's so much better with family. We met my Grandma in the casino (where she loves to go and play mah jong!!). Lots of Chinese people love the casino!

Lo bat goh! Turnip paste cake! So good, one of my favourites! I hardly order this because David doesn't like it (it's similar texture to potatoes...and he hates potatoes!)

I forget what type of dumplings these are. They're quite big! Same as guotie in mandarin. It was filled with pork I think...tasty anyways.

Cheung fun. Noodle type dish, it's filled with meat, seafood or donut! The noodles on the outside is kinda like canneloni...but much much softer! I love this dish, especially when it's filled with Chinese donut. Om nom nom.

Chicken feet! I love the taste of these. Not a fan of the bones, but they taste too good not to eat. There were 2 portions of these, I'm not sure why, it's only my mum who ate most of them...!

Beef Ho fun/chow fun! Another one of my favourites! Ho fun is made similar to the cheung fun I think. It's probably the most greasiest dish, but taste oh so fine :) mmm.

Sui mai! Another fave!! Pork and prawn dumplings. Wonderful! There were 2 of these, thankfully because we're pretty much gannets around the dinner table. 

Har Gow, another fave!! Pork dumplings. 2 of these again. 

We were so full in the end. My mum ordered all of these, we didn't even ask for what we wanted. Well I did, the lo bat go. But the rest it was all my mum. She ordered EXACTLY the same things as I would order if I was by myself! :] great minds think alike ;]! 

After, I walked my grandma back to the casino, because she wanted to go back, I'm guessing to socialise or play mahjong :]! Then went for some bubble tea at bubble cha :)! Oh how I love bubble tea :).

It was such a wonderful lunch :]!

'till next time,


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