Visiting my Por Por!

Whilst back in Newcastle for the week, I visited my Por Por. My Grandma on my Dad's side. I haven't seen her in two years! My sister much much longer than that, about 5 years. 
My grandma's health hasn't been good for the past few years, when I saw her two years ago, she was in a hospital type care home. She couldn't walk and doctors couldn't figure out why. Of course I don't know the details. I don't speak any chinese, a little bit of hakka and cantonese, but not enough to form a sentence or hold a conversation. I do understand some! 

I visited my por por at the care home she was placed in. It took forever to find her because I couldn't remember her English name! Finally found her, and she was so happy, almost screaming. I tried speaking a little bit of hakka, but it was difficult. She could walk now too! But only with a zimmerframe. She was so fast on it...walking back and forth from the dining room to her room making sure we were okay as she was eating. 

Sadly, the food they serve isn't to my grandma's taste! Pie and chips. She loves her chinese food, and doesn't get it sadly. Luckily, my Aunty May came and took us to a place called Red Diner on Stowell Street. We had to take her in a wheel chair. It's the first time I've taken anyone anywhere in a wheel chair. 

I also met my Aunty June! I haven't seen her in over 10 years, can you believe that! She hasn't changed one bit! It was so nice to meet her again! Her English is fantastic! 
My Aunty June is above me. My Aunty May on the right of my Grandma. 

We had a lovely dinner! It was beauuuutiful!

We started with this MASSIVE plate of lobster. It was cooked in ginger and spring onions with noodles at the bottom. I would have preferred crispy noodles, but they came with soft noodles. So tasty. Best thing ever! 

Scallops! With vermicelli noodles on top and something else on top! 

We were so full after these two alone. Then we were told there was more food coming!! 
Turbot! It was huge. The flesh was so soft! I usually hate fish on the bone, but it tasted fantastic. 

Pork...not sure what this is marinated in. It was good, a nice sticky sweet sauce. 

Chicken and rice. This is a common dish in chinese cuisine. The chicken is on the bone, and it's served with rice. 

Choi Sum! And another type of veg, I forget which. These are deadly! Make sure you chew and chew before swallowing. When I was a child, I choked on this a fair few times! 

It was lovely meeting my Dad's side of the family again! 

'till next time,


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