Yangtze River Chinese Review

David and I came across this beauty of a restaurant on our visit to Aberdeen. It was literally across the road from the Travelodge Hotel on Bridge Street. The restaurant doesn't have a website, but you can see their other reviews on their tripadvisor. It's very difficult to get a good Chinese, or at least a Chinese restaurant with authentic dishes and dim sum! They have an English menu aswell as a Chinese menu. They gave us the English menu and then when he realised it wasn't what we wanted, he gave us the Chinese menu. So you might have to ask! 
We had the mixed dumplings. It was pretty expensive, around £6 per person with a minimum order of 2! Usually dim sum costs around £3 for 4 of the same dumplings. We got 5 dumplings for £6, so expensive! 
The middle dish was some sort of meatball wrapped in a pastry. It was nice and soft. Really tasty. The crispy looking dumpling was shark fin dumpling. The lady said it was fake shark fin, thankfully! I wouldn't have eaten it otherwise, the yellow one with the red on top is suimai (pork and prawn), one of the white ones har gow (prawn) and the other white one, I forgot, but it was a mix of meat, I think pork! 

We had this beautiful dish, pot roasted pork with salted/pickled vegetables. This was wonderfully cooked. The pork was so succulent, the meat fell apart in the mouth. There was a lot of flavour. The best part in my opinion was the pickled/salted cabbage, it really went well with the pork! BEAUTIFUL! 
I always order this dish at Chinese restaurants, if not this the crispy noodles. This is Beef Hofun or chow fun (dry). It's basically beef and flat noodles cooked in soy sauce and veggies. One of my favourite dishes! It's very common in Cantonese cuisine. 

I'm really glad I discovered this place. I'm new to Aberdeen, and it's nice to find a restaurant serving authentic Chinese food straight away. I haven't seen one since. Everywhere seems to serve the general takeaway stuff. Not my thing. This place caters for both! 

If you're in Aberdeen, do visit, and try some of the more authentic dishes! 

4/5 hearts! It lost a heart due to the price of the dumplings! 

'till next time,


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