Yo Sushi! Aberdeen Review

So, Yo Sushi is a chain I know, and they're all the same, but I feel like it should be reviewed. I love blogging about all the restaurants and cafĂ©'s I visit. 
During the visit to Aberdeen to look for a flat, David and I went to Yo Sushi for lunch. It was really quiet, which is always nice when going to Yo Sushi. 

For those who have never been, or seen it, some of the dishes are served on a belt, they go round and round the restaurant and you pick up the one you want and eat. 
Each plate is colour coordinated with the price, so at the end of the meal, your waiter/ress adds up each plate. You can even order from the menu, by pressing the little button on the table which causes a Japanese girl's voice to be heard over the music. I don't know what they're saying. Then a waiter/ress comes over. 

Pricing of each plate as follows:
- Green: £1.90
- Blue: £2.50
- Purple: £3.10
-Orange: £3.60
- Pink: £4.10
-Grey: £5.00

During our visit, they had blue plates on the conveyor belt! Usually when all plates are blue it's blue Monday's but we visited on a Wednesday...maybe trying to get rid of produce? It was nice for us :]!

We grabbed some edamame beans to start. It's honestly not the best! Where's the salt? They're really bland. Usually edamame should be served with salt, either the pods tossed in salt, or a little dish of salt on the side. A bit expensive £2.50? They're usually on a green plate for £1.90, not sure what happened there!! 

Miso soup! This is £2.20. An okay price, but it's not the best miso at all! Should probably be around £1.50 for what you get. It tasted like the powder mixes.
Chicken katsu curry. This was good! It got cold really quickly though. It's £4.10, I wouldn't say it was worth the price, but it was pretty good in taste. I've had tastier katsu curry, but this is Yo Sushi, guess you can't complain. Portion size is decent for tapas style food! 

Chicken Yakisoba. £3.10. A very good price. Noodles were tasty, there was a good amount of chicken. One of my favourites. 

We picked this off the belt. I don't know what it is, I "think" it's chicken kara age! It was good, but not great. I didn't like the cold carrot and salad underneath, there was more of it than the chicken. 

Assorted nigri. Sake, maguro and ebi. We all know Yo Sushi isn't the best for sushi, but we still go due to convenience! Well I do anyways. The fish didn't taste fresh at all! It was also sliced so thinly!

Crispy salmon skin Iso. Basically inside out Makizushi. It's actully pretty good. Very crunchy. You have to eat it whole or it just falls apart!

Salmon Dragon Roll Iso. This was brilliant. By this point I was full. Well as full as you can get without spending a fortune in Yo Sushi. We saw the lady making these and just had to have one!

We were sat by one of the chefs making the sushi. She was so fast, and it looked like she could do it with her eyes closed. What I loved was that all the left over pieces from the sushi she was making, she put into a pot, then dished them into boxes for people to buy! Such a clever way to avoid any wastage!! 

One thing I hat about Yo Sushi is that you have to pay for tap water, it's £1.10. It's apparently triple filtered?  Hm. 

Anyways, it was a decent lunch, not great sushi, but pleasant enough. Waiter was nice, and helpful. The chefs look hard at work! 

4/5 hearts! 

'till next time,


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