Yo Sushi Aberdeen Union Square

I recently reviewed Yo Sushi in Aberdeen Union Sqaure, where I enjoyed it. 
Sadly last week was a disappointment. David and I visited on Blue Monday.
What Happened:
We were happy at the bar or booth, and was placed at the bar by a waitress. Sadly, the whole experience was a disaster. I enjoy Yo Sushi a lot, and have been numerous of times. I have no idea what happened this time. 
We arrived at 3pm, it was quiet, but there were quite a few people in the booths and also on the bar still. 
Our waitress kept coming over and asking if we were okay, everytime we took a break from eating. I understand she did it for good customer service, but 6-7 times is unnecessary. It is all self service from the belt, and we do need attention there is a button. 
The chefs were pretty rowdy, yelling across the middle of the kitchen in Polish. There was also bickering from them with the waitress we had over no dishes being sent to a certain table. Not what you want to hear then dining.  
While we were eating, our waitress was filling soy sauce pots in the empty stations, then proceeded to ask us for ours when we were still using it. I think it should be done after we have gone, or if we ask for it, not during our meal. Also in the middle of us eating, she came over with a win a meal for 2 card with her name on the bottom and proceeded to explain to us about it, as were in the middle of our food. 

Due to being a fan of Yo Sushi, I decided to email in my experience. I love Yo Sushi, and the Union Square restaurant is near my flat. I didn't want to not go again due to the bad experience. 

The customer service was FANTASTIC at this particular store. I received an email back within 24 hours of sending the email. The email was very detailed, and they even admitted that some things needed shaping up, a lot of apologies and a complimentary lunch from the new manager Matt. 

I didn't have time to reply back, and my internet still isn't working! Using public wifi at the moment *sigh*. I received a phone call which I missed. And a text asking if someone has responded to me by their other manager Clark. 
This is by far amazing customer service, and it shows how much they care about returning customers! 

I decided to go for the meal with David the day after they emailed me. So today! 
We were treat kindly from the start. We were a bit worried in case we were made to feel awkward before hand due to the email, but I was totally wrong. Service was fantastic. It was a busy lunch period, so we had to wait for a table which we didn't mind. 
We were offered drinks while we waited and the mentioned that everything was complimentary. 

We were sat on a booth, and introduced to the waitress who were going to be looking after us called Moray. She was fantastic, explained the specials and ordered us some food. It's the first time trying their specials too. We tried a lot of dishes we wouldn't try before, and they were really good. 

Moray was such a fantastic waitress, she topped our miso soup bowls when they were finished, and was always on hand if we needed anything. 

When we were finished, Moray and Clark both came and apologised for the week before. But it wasn't their fault. We must have just visited on a bad day! I'm glad our experience this time was good, we will be back!
I hope we didn't cause any inconvenience though! 

Thank you Yo Sushi Aberdeen for accommodating us and feeding us some good food.

'till next time,


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