Oryza Sushi (takeaway) review

I was pretty impressed when I saw Orzya Sushi on Just Eat. It's rare having a sushi restaurant deliver. 
They have a variety of things to order, I opted for one of their lunch deals. I went for "Orzya box 3". 
the deal stated I would get a sushi bento box (3 nigiri, 4 pc california rolls, 4 pc maki, 2pc gyoza and a side dish of my choice (Edamame or Omelette), 1 dessert (Seasonal fruit or mochi). All this for £9.99. You have to have a minimum order of £12 to get delivery, so I added the Green tea macha latte. 

My food was estimated to be an hour. But it came within 30 minutes which is fanastic. I opened the door to an asian lady, I assume Japanese. She was a bit flustered with my change, I had £15. She couldn't figure it out. I should have been given £2.31 in change. She kept looking for notes in her wallet...I think she might have thought I had two £10 notes. Anyways, I said I'll just take the change in her hands, which came up to £2.20. 

The food came in those plastic disposable bento boxes. My latte was in the bag too, and it had spilled on to the boxes. The latte was also luke warm...yuck! Tasted of watered down breakfast tea too. 
The sushi itself was rank. I could have had better from Sainsbury or Marks and Spencer's! 

The maki was not rolled properly, so upon taking out of the box, it fell apart, the gyoza were soggy, due to the condensation in the box. The salmon nigiri was made with smoked salmon. There was no taste in the sushi rice either, they didn't season their rice at all so it was really bland. I also received a piece of prawn tempura, and of course it went soggy. 

My soy sauce was placed into the same container as the mochi. It had spilled so my mochi tasted of soy sauce 

Honestly, I'd much rather pay more for decent quality sushi. I am ashamed to order from here since I work in a decent Japanese restaurant myself. 

I received a £5 voucher with my order...I'm pretty sure they're trying to win customers back with this, but honestly, if they worked just that little bit harder into rolling the sushi, and seasoning the sushi rice, it's be dine. Sadly I won't be ordering from here again, Yo sushi is better, and that's saying something!

1/5 hearts 
'till next time,


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