The Manchurian, Aberdeen Review

So, The Manchurian is the other famous Chinese restaurant here in Aberdeen. There's only two big ones, this and Yangtze River. The Manchurian is located further out of Aberdeen city, at 136 Causeway. It's located right next to an Asian supermarket, which I assume is owned by them, and where they source their products. 
Sadly, I did not think it was too great of a restaurant. We didn't book, and arrived at 2pm. The waitress that greeted us was clearly busy, and a bit annoyed that we wanted to wait the half an hour for a table. She took our name, and we went on a mooch around the market for half an hour. 
Once we returned, she didn't have a clue that we reserved a table, even thought she was the one who wrote our names down. We waited a further 15 minutes, no one left the restaurant, but we were given a table. There were three other table of 2's ready, so I don't know why it took them that long to have us seated. 
As soon as we got to the table, the lady automatically spoke to me in Chinese and got very huffy because I didn't respond back in Chinese, or know what she was talking about. "I said you want tea?" were her words, and she stormed away. 
The menu is extensive, and good! I love seeing a range of traditional Chinese dishes apart from dim sum listed. There was a dim sum menu which you tick off on the table. As well as a printed main courses menu. 
The restaurant was super busy! It's nice to see Chinese restaurants full with Chinese people! Means it's good food! I think it was busy due to the Moon festival! 

One of the dim sum dishes, crispy fried squid with a chilli sauce. this was beautiful, the squid was nicely cooked. i.e not chewy! Too oily though, the whole plate was swarming in oil. 

Fried king prawn dumplings. These were nice, you got a whole prawn inside. The dumpling itself was very doughy, it took a few bites to actually get to the prawns. 

Chinese bread stick (doughnut) cheung fun. This was a HUGE disappointment. The bread stick inside was so soggy. We've had much better where the bread stick is bigger, with a firm crunchy texture. 

Har gow, steamed prawn dumplings. These were great, usual tastes and texture. 

Suimai. steamed pork and prawn dumplings. Usual tastes. Good as usual. 

Stewed belly of pork. There were BIG pieces of pork belly in this, underneath all the sauce and stewed vegetables. It was good, very nice dish full of flavour! 

Rice portions were huge. We didn't realise that one portion meant a whole pot! We had two rices. One boiled and one fried, a bit OTT on rice. 

Food was great, but it wasn't the best dim sum we've had. Especially the cheung fun. But it's not bad either, so I would definitely go back. Maybe when it's during the quieter periods though. We found service to be lacking. 
The waitress who greeted us was particularly rude. Especially to the table next to us. And when she came to clear our plates, she was rather grumpy about it, clanging the dishes and grunting when we asked for the bill. I

I understand that when restaurants get busy, you don't have time to "get to know" your customers, but you should still be polite, instead of having a face like a slapped arse. 

Overall our meal, 1 coke and 2 Tsingtao beers came to around £40. 

I give this restaurant a 3/4 hearts. We will be back, so hopefully things improve when it's not as busy.

'till next time, 


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