Yangtze River Review 2

So, Sunday night is date night for David and I. We are attempting to try new restaurants, but sometimes we like to revisit some! Last Sunday (31st), we decided to head back to Yangtze River on Bridge Street, opposite the Travelodge we visited last time (review can be seen here). We were going to visit the Manchurian, but realised it was a bit far to walk, we wouldn't have made it back for the cinema screening.
It was great last time, but this visit was no where near as great! 

We were highly disappointed that they didn't have dim sum on offer on an evening (only the dim sum platter for £6.80p/p). They stop at 5pm, which is a shame because both their Chinese menu and English menu were a bit rubbish. They revamped the menu, and we were disappointed as we couldn't find the pork dish we had last time, or many of the other dishes! 
Anyways, it wasn't just the food we were disappointed in. The whole service part was great, very lovely waitress and waiter, but they treat us like "westerners". Knives and forks, big huges white plates...it's pretty hard to eat rice from a plate with chop sticks (we asked for them). 

We opted on getting just one main dish, and the dim sum platter. 
The main dish was a pork dish, I forget the name, but it was along the lines of chilli! 
this was tasty, but it really didn't hit the spot, it wasn't the Chinese food we were looking for. The pork was nice and tender though, there's not much on a plate for £10. 

The rice portions were HUGE. We asked for 2 portions, and it came in a cylinder pot, filled to the brim. I hate restaurants who are stingy on rice, this place hit the spot!

The dim sum was the same as last time, we got 5 each. Minimum order is 2 portions at £6.80 each. Not really good value when it comes to dim sum. Usually you can get 4 dumplings for £3. On the brightside, you did get a variety. But a few we would never have chosen such as the shark fin dumpling and the pork and nut dumpling. 
Bottom middle going right. Sui Mai (Pork and Prawn), Pork and Nut, Shark fin, Har Gow. Centre: Meatball
We also had 1 small coke, and 2 Tsingtao. The total bill came to just under £40. I was still hungry after, so maybe if I were to go back, (and there wasn't dim sum), I'd order 2 mains instead of one to share. I did have room for ice cream at the cinema though, which I guess is a bonus?

This visit was only 3 hearts for me. Good service from both people. But disappointed with no dim sum after 5pm, and being catered as "westerners". I'd rather go into a Chinese restaurant, be given chopsticks and bowls, and to ask for a knife and fork. 

'till next time,


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