Yorokobi by CJ Review

This is my 400th post!
Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Yorokobi by CJ. Visit their website by clicking here. The restaurant is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant. The owner is Korean, called Chef Jang. It is located at 51 Huntly Street, just off Union street. 
It is the only restaurant that does Korean food in Aberdeen. They also have a range of Japanese foods.
 If you are not familiar with the differences, there is Korean writing underneath the Korean dishes and Japanese writing underneath the Japanese dishes.
Apologies for some awful photo's, my camera won't focus properly, and the lighting was a bit rubbish. 
The ginger beard is showing quite well :]

Not really paying attention, I just finished blowing my nose...

Jae-Yook Bokeum! Basically pork belly (Samgyupsaal) mixed with Korean red chilli paste (Gochujang). Usually it has kimchee mixed in for flavour, but the menu didn't state it had it. It was so tasty, it came out on a sizzling plate, burnt my mouth from the first bite, oops. 
Taste wise, it's not spicy, but has enough flavour from the gochujang. The meat was good, but I am biased towards samgyupsaal, it's my favourite cut of meat. 
This came with a very generous bowl of rice. £12.50

Don Katsu. Similar to Katsu curry in Japan. If not the same, the Japanese introduced this dish to Koreans. It's a very popular "street" food, It wasn't the best, the pork cutlet was pretty thing, so all it tasted of was batter and sauce. This comes with rice. £12.50

Sushi and Sashimi set, 8 Pieces of nigiri and 12 pieces of sashimi. £16.50
the sashimi was great, they were big cuts of fish! The only problem was I didn't know what the white fish was, from experience of eating it, I assume it was pollock. The waitress never mentioned the types. Of course the orange looking one was sake (salmon) and the browny/redish one was maguro (tuna). Very cheap for the amount we received! 
This also came with free miso soup!

(Pat icecream) Red bean ice cream £4.50
I don't whether this was homemade or not, but it tasted fine. Sadly it was melting before it reached me. I assume it's because it was left out too long before a waitress took it out. The table next to us had it and it seemed fine. 

Chocolate filled mozzi (mochi). Mozzi is Korean. But it's practically the same as mochi. These were FINEEEEE! So tasty. 2 is not enough, I could have eaten a million! £3.80 

We had two beers at £3.70 each and a 1/2 pint of diet coke at £1.70. 
overall the meal came to £58.90. 

Overall the experience and meal was fantastic. the restaurant was quiet, but there was quite a nice atmosphere. We had a ind waitress, not over friendly, and not unfriendly either. 
We were left alone for the whole meal which was actually quite nice, however no one came over to check if we were okay. 

Overall I rate Yorokobi 4 out of 5 hearts! 
Cheap for sushi/sashimi! But not the freshest, try Yatai Izakaya for fresh, tasty sushi and sashimi! 
Tasty Korean food though. 

'till next time, 


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