Nope, this blog is not about the Scottish referendum. 

This blog post is about my own independence. I've been told before by a good friend of mine in Malaysia, that I am pretty independent. I never really thought about it, I guess I am. I never classed myself as being able to look after myself, without the help of my parents. But thinking about it now, I have done for about a year and a half..possibly longer. 

I can't count my university days as being independent, my biological father transferred money to my account each month. I had a part time job since the age of 20 so made my own money and lived off student loans. 

It was by the time I was 22 when I went full blown independent. I worked full time, as well as full time studying for my masters. I also had to pay the whole of my tuition fee on my own! Almost 5K! No loans, or grants. Just a job. It was tough but I made it. After I worked full time pretty much up until now and the future. 

I don't have a graduate job, I work as a waitress in a Japanese restaurant, and I love it. I'm sick of people asking why I have done nothing with my degree. I guess it's my choice? I'm enjoying my life at the moment, and maybe in the future I will venture down my graduate route. Maybe go into teaching. Who knows. As long as I have a job, and making money to survive right? Who can judge you on doing that-surviving? 

Being independent isn't always so great. You have to remember to pay bills on time, also bills which you wouldn't be paying as a student...i.e the dreaded council tax! Today I had to pay mine, I totally forgot, and thought I had more money this month! Nope. £124 into the councils pocket! Although I can't really complain, they do need to pay people to take my rubbish away and clean the streets (although Aberdeen constantly looks mucky!).

It's times like today where I am glad I started a savings account. There's not much in there, but there's enough emergencies, i.e train/bus tickets home, unexpected bills. I save around £100 every two weeks. It's not a lot to most people, but it is, considering the amount I earn. 

Sometimes I do wish I was a child again (but not back at school yuck!), simply because you didn't have any responsibilities. All you had to do was get through school, go home, eat, sleep and not having to worry about not having a bed to sleep in- although my mother did. And now it's my turn to earn and save enough money to pay my mum back for all those difficult times. And thank her for how she raised me. I love you mum. 

'till next time,


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