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It's been a while since my last post. Sorry! I hope you are all still with me ^_^! 
I've not been doing much, hence the little updates, work, eat and sleep. Nothing interesting. I even visited the same restaurants because I can't be bothered to find new ones, and try them out...Aberdeen is a little boring.

I have been painting this week though! Which is pretty neat. Work have closed for two weeks for refurbishments, and I offered to work the week and paint. Never painted in my life, but think my work pals and I did a decent job for rookies. It's a lot more tiring that it looks! I was knackered by the end of the week.

David and I decided to go to my work (Yatai) for lunch before we closed for two weeks. It's honestly the best place for Japanese food in Aberdeen. No where else compares. Oryza sushi is god damn awful, they use long grain, unflavoured rice so it dries out quickly. The ingredients aren't fresh and just rank. Yorocobi by CJ is decent enough, but not so fresh, or at least it doesn't taste that way. I do like their Korean food, and feel quite lucky they can satisfy my bulgogi and bibimbap craving.
The nigiri/makizushi selection. £16. 
Om nom nom, I love sushi from Yatai. I could eat it until it comes out of my brains. It tastes so fresh, and the rice actually has flavouring compared to a lot of other places where it tastes so bland. 
This came with miso soup and a side salad. It doesn't say on the menu, which is a nice surprise. 

TanTan Ramen. This was HUGE. And so bloody tasty. It's hard to find decent ramen, and Yatai definitely does it justice. This is wok fried mince ramen. So tasty! £12

David had the Katsu Kare donburi. chicken coated in katsu crumbs and Japanese curry sauce. £15. He said he loved it apart from the potatoes.

Dessert!! We got to try the new ice cream of the day. Kinako and Inaka miso ice cream! Yum! And the other three were plum and umeshu ice cream! So good! £5! 

I also had a staff dinner with the Yatai folks a couple weeks back. We went to a place called Goulash. Goulash was weird. The restaurant is family run I think, and the food wasn't so great. I liked the Hungarian pasta though, and goulash. But the schnitzel and angel steak weren't so great. The puddings were interesting. I didn't take any photo's of the food...maybe I will go back and do a real review. 

I'm heading back to my home city, Newcastle tomorrow (Monday!). I hope to see a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while. Sadly, I'll only be bumping into my Mum, due to her Lady Gaga gig in Manchester and her work commitments. I hope to see my Aunty Karen, and her three minions who have traveled from Singapore! I kinda bought a lot of cool goodies for the kids...I want them for myself! Damn Frozen merchandise! 

'till next time,


  1. Oh man! I move away from Aberdeen and you move in. I never tried Yatai, so I will have to keep it in mind for the next time I'm up that way :)


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