The Sampan Indian Restaurant, Ponteland Review

Whilst at home, my step dad took David and I to an Indian restaurant. One of my step dad's favourite cuisines. Poneteland is basically the home for Indian restaurants, there's so many. We went to the first one that was closest to the car park, which was The Sampan.
There was a deal advertised outside, midweek, 5 courses for £7.95. The deal included any starter. any main course, Rice or Naan bread, Coffee. I'm not really sure what the 4th course is? I assume it was the orange wedge and after eight. But for £7.95 you can't exactly complain.
We added Poppadoms to the meal, it's a must when going for an Indian. Especially when you are starving! £1 per Poppadom. 
I must admit, I forgot the name of all these dishes. So glad a picture says a 1000 words! Basically to start I had this. It was chicken, kinda like chicken tikka, in a rolled up chapati. It was wonderful. I love chapati so this was basically heaven! Don't know why they put that red splodge on the plate, they did with all of our starters. 

And this. Lamb something. It said it had coconut and honey in it. It literally tastes like a Korma, but wasn't called a Korma. It was good, a bit too sweet. I always order sweet curries when I am hungry, then regret it later after having the starter, and want a spicy one! Doh! 
due to it being a cheap deal, there wasn't much meat, and too much sauce, but can't complain really. about 5 small pieces. 

We had after eights and an orange slice as part of the deal. And said no to coffee, because it's was pretty late. 

Overall, the food was good, and really cheap! £7.95 for starters and mains is a bargain in any restaurant. Drinks however are expensive, and they charged my 3 cokes, when I had 2. 
3 pints, and 2 cokes costed more than the food! Nuts. Guess they had to make a profit somewhere.

I would definitely return. But do find it uncomfortable eating there. the restaurant is kitted out like a fine dining restaurant. There's no personality. I'd prefer to be eating in a restaurant with a touch more personality, and somewhere more cosy.

Over all, 4/5 hearts

Lost a heart due to the lack of warmth, cosiness of the restaurant. Food and the price was spot on! 


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